The British ‘Neville’ Awards

Introducing – The British ‘Neville’ Awards

A ‘Neville’, partly named after former UK prime minster Neville Chamberlain, is a negative accolade from this blog and its readers to be awarded to those who appease or facilitate Islam in the UK. A ‘Neville Award’ is for those who either make excuses for the culture and ideology of Islam, produce propaganda for it or cheer-lead for it in other ways.

These ‘Neville’s’ can be either in the public, private or charitable sector. You can nominate a candidate for a ‘Neville’ award, just send details via email to and I’ll post them up here, people can then vote for their favourite ‘Neville’ candidate with a winning (losing?) ‘Neville’ announced monthly. The only rule is that the Neville candidate must be either living in or operating in the UK.

The competition will start 1st January 2013 with the closing date of Jan 31st. Future ‘Neville’ Awards will be done on a monthly basis with start date the first of a month with the closing date at the end of the month.

There will even be a small monthly fun prize for whoever submits the ‘Neville’ candidate who gets the most reader votes. Of course this blog will contact the subject of the particular ‘Neville’ winning award candidate and tell them why they have been voted ‘champion Islamic appeaser of the month’.  The ‘Monthly Neville’ prizes, which take the form of certificates are purely there to encourage the recipient to look beyond the pro-Islam propaganda that they may have been fed and to remind them that other valid points of view exist.

The award is partly named after former UK Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who was convinced that if he appeased Hitler and the German Nazis, then war between Britain and Germany could be avoided. This was a mistaken point of view, just as mistaken as the idea that if we pander to Islam, then civil strife will be averted.

Sadly, as we saw in the 1930s, appeasement of tyrannical regimes and ideologies never works, as tyrants and bullies are never satisfied or sated. Nationalist fascism wasn’t appeased and neither will Islamic fascism.

The other reason for the name of the award is to dishonour Herefordshire’s ‘useful idiot’ diversity officer, Neville Meredith, a man who cannot see that Islam is one of the greatest threats around to diversity of culture and thought.

I did put this up as a normal post over at the old place but it has slipped down into the archives and has got lost so I’m making it a sticky page. If you want to see the original post asking for ‘Nevilles’ then it is HERE.

The ‘Neville’s’ out there damage our society, let us expose them for what they are.

Please note that this is a competition for UK based ‘Nevilles’ and that there is no connection between this competition and any others of a similar name.

Previous ‘winners’ of the British Neville Chamberlain of the month competition

January 2013

Chipping Norton vicar supports mosque, local residents do not

February 2013

Appeasement of Islam by councillors in the city of Leicester

March 2013

London Headteacher imposes Halal only food policy on a school with only a minority of Muslims and parents complain

April 2013

Redbridge Council in East London prioritise Muslim group over use of former workingmans club

May 2013 – Probably the biggest ‘Neville’ of them all, David Cameron

June 2013 Theresa May who banned peaceful counterjihad speakers from entering the UK but allowed in Islamic rabble rousers.

July 2013 Channel 4 in appalling pandering to Islam with their ‘Ramadan’ season.

No ‘British Neville’s in August or September 2013 because there were other more urgent examples of Islamo-fascism to write about.

October 2013 Lib Dem Candidate supports halal slaughterhouse

November 2013 – The Islamic appeaser embedded in a school.

December 2013 – The police officer who invited the Tell Mama group to help with police work

January 2014 – The Church of England school in Manchester that allowed an Islamic Evangelist teach the children but hid this fact from parents.

February 2014 – The senior West Midlands Police force officer who has consistently pandered to the ideology of Islam

March 2014 – Sir Stephen House of Police Scotland who refused a group permission to lay flowers at the site of a young man who was murdered by Muslims on the tenth anniversary of his death.

Due to other commitments that took the author away from writing there was no ‘Neville Award’ given in April, and October 2014.

May 2014 – The Metropolitan Police officer who stood by whilst Islamic activists corrupted an election.

June 2014 – Detective Supt Sue Southern of West Midlands Police turns the appeasement and pandering to Islam up to eleven.

July 2014 – Labour MP Karen Buck goes out of her way to chase after the whipped ‘mosque vote’

August 2014 – Shaun Wright, the Rotherham councillor who allowed Muslim rapists to attack 1,400 girls and young women.

September 2014 – Kevin Hurley the self appointed ‘internet policeman’ of Surrey

November 2014 – The Herefordshire Diversity Officer who is helping to force a mosque on a city that neither wants nor needs it.

6 Comments on "The British ‘Neville’ Awards"

  1. English...not many of us left. | October 29, 2014 at 4:52 pm | Reply

    I’m thinking we are going to need a lot more spikes at the Tower
    of London to put all these TRAITORS heads on. Soon.

  2. English...not many of us left. | October 31, 2014 at 12:47 pm | Reply

    Is Cameron a muslim? Anyone know?

    • No Cameron is just a slippery self interested dickhead the sort of which the world is full of. Having risen up the greasy pole of politics during the time of ascendancy for multikulti experimentation and Islamopandering he probably finds it impossible to cut what he sees as valuable intellectual and policy ties to such policies. Never underestimate the ability of weak and vacillating personalities like Cameron to delude themselves and join in with the groupthink that the colour green is really blue and that Islam is a religion of peace.

  3. English...not many of us left. | October 31, 2014 at 3:32 pm | Reply

    Thanks for your reply in the negative 211……….
    But I still have my doubts, and bloody big ones.
    “Too many white faces”, and he has two of them, usually pink!
    Not so sure about his minions either.

  4. As WW2 approached, a group of people in Britain wrote a book called “15 Guilty Men” who were responsible for permitting the rise of Hitler and the outbreak of WW2.

    This book needs to be written for our times. David Cameron and Michael Gove, Tony Blair, Nick Clegg, several archbishops should be included.

    The war that is coming to Europe is going to be a civil war. Our continent will have seen nothing like it. WW2 will be a picnic by comparison.

    It will need to be a professional writer and someone with access to libel lawyers, as you can be sure the scummiest among them would sue to silence.

    • Fahrenheit211 | January 9, 2015 at 6:37 am | Reply

      I think the title was just ‘Guilty Men’. I don’t entirely disagree with the selection of those that 4 Freedoms has said are ‘guilty’ but I would add one other name. That name would be John Major. His government made the huge mistake of allowing Islamic radicals to settle in the UK and left them alone spread their poison on the grounds that their actions did not threaten the UK or its citizens. They took the view that these radicals may be fomenting trouble abroad but they are not threatening us, This in my opinion was a short sighted way of thinking.

      Re the original book, The authors were fervent anti-Nazis who had read the writing on the wall about the Hitlerian regime. They were from across the political spectrum from social conservative Right to socialist Left. Re Michael Foot, although he was a terrible leader for the Labour Party he must be given adequate praise for speaking up as one of the authors of Guilty Men.

      I was interested to see Thatcher on that list. Although there are many things that Lady Thatcher could be criticised for, not just by Lefties but by those of us on the Right, this inclusion may be a little unfair. Yes Thatcher did little to deal with the Islamic radicals but it may have looked to her government as Islamic radicals were a small local difficulty that had no wider implications.

      Appeasement back in the 1930’s may have looked like a rational policy at the time when Britain was still deeply scarred from the events of the Great War. Aversion to another War was widespread. However there is no logic to appeasing Islam. Islam is an ideology that will not be satisifed with a little extra ‘Lebunsraum’ because it desires to control the whole world.

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