It’s not racist to attack a philosophy

Attacking a philosophy is not Racism

If you had a distinguishing feature, say a birthmark, that you had been born with and had no say so over, and everywhere you went you found people staring at you and thinking, and sometimes saying, ‘we don’t want no birthmarked people round here’. Even though despite your birthmark you are just as capable of achieving the same as someone without a birthmark.

You didn’t ask for this birthmark,you didn’t choose it, you were not brainwashed into accepting it, or threatened at gunpoint into taking it and you cannot change it or remove it. To discriminate against you in a negative way because of something as trivial as a birthmark is stupid and counterproductive.

Now change the word ‘birthmark’ to ‘race’ and you can see how stupid unthinking racism can be.

I use this analogy in order to explain what racism means to me, which is treating people differently and often negatively because of their race, and we all have the capacity to be racist since wanting to cling to your recognisable tribe is part of human nature. White, black,brown and yellow can all be racist to others. However that doesn’t mean we have to accept this racism. In the main things in much of the world have moved on and we now try to see the person and not the colour and a good thing too.

We cannot change our race or properly completely change our gender or change our height or eye colour, or our disabilities, that genetics has given us. We are stuck with them.  

But what about the things that we CAN change?

We can change our clothes, our countries, our religion, our culture, our political outlook, our moral outlook and much much more.  We can even with effort, suppress our sexuality if we so choose.

Therefore it is wrong to negatively discriminate or otherwise denigrate those things that we cannot change. However, the things that we can change are a different matter.

So where does this fit in with all this Islam malarky?

Simply put, it’s wrong to conflate Islam a politico-religious philosophy, with race.  Yes there are many people in the UK of asian heritage who are Muslim, but to attack Islam is not the same as attacking an Asian person.  Islam is not a race.  There are White, Black and Oriental featured Muslims. To have a go at an asian person because they are asian is wrong but to go after the ideology of Islam, that just happens to be followed by mostly asians in the UK is a totally different matter.  Yes there are issues with indirect discrimination in Law but you are still permitted to attack ideologies.

Attacking the philosophy of Islam is not being racist.  It is no more racist than attacking a political opinion, or arguing about what curtains to buy.

When you attack Islam as a philosophy and islamic appologists and lefties call you a ‘racist’ then they are talking complete and utter rubbish.

Keep saying it, Islam isn’t a race.

Criticising Islam even if it gives offence is not the same or even remotely similar to the use of the N word for example and shouldn’t be viewed as such.

Criticism of Islam is not by any stretch of the imagination racism. 

However,the Islamic apologists and their allies in the political left want you to think that being anti Islam is the same as being anti black or anti asian etc.  They  call you racist because they know it hurts and they know that no reasonable person wants to be thought of as a knuckle dragging racist.  If this happens to you then just ignore it and carry on, even though it hurts and is hard sometimes.  

The charge of racism is very useful for the islamic apologists as it taints the target and makes them defensive. Racism is rightly not socially acceptable which is why the use of the term ‘racist’ to those challenging Islam is so powerful.  But this bullying tactic must be stood up to.  

Don’t put up with it.  Don’t be distracted.  Remember Islam is not a race, you are not a nasty racist for attacking the philosophy of Islam, you are only reclaiming your freedom of speech.  

You are, in a free society, permitted to take part in religion or not, respect  religion or not but religion must not dictate the terms of speech in a free society. A society where the Clerics (of any religious stripe) dictate what can be said, or call ‘blasphemy’ and get backed up by the law is not a fully free society. There is no longer a law of blasphemy in the UK statute book, but in other countries such as Pakistan blasphemy laws are used to intimidate and kill.

In this free society you are rightly permitted to insult Bhuddah
you are rightly permitted to insult Moses
you are rightly permitted to insult Jesus

and you are also rightly permitted to call Mohammed whatever you want if you so choose.

This right to free speech was dearly bought by many in struggles against Clerics, Aristocrats, Tyrants, and Kings use it or lose it.

Say it loud, I’ve got free speech and I’m proud.