Bearded Savages of the Day number 11

Sadly we return to Europe for today’s Bearded Savages of the Day and it illustrates just how arrogant and misogynistic Islamic bearded savagery is. If anyone is of any doubt as to the incompatibilty of Islam and the idea of a democracy of equals then this is it.

It took European and American women hundreds of years to free themselves and be freed from the misogyny of Christian clerics. However, an outbreak of Bearded Savagery in the Balaeric Island of Mallorca has seen female parking attendants banned from the island’s Islamic colony.

Female staff of the local authority were continually harrassed by the island’s Islamic lunatics until the contractor acting for Palma council, withdrew the female staff and replaced them with male staff.

The website of the foreign policy think-tank the Gatestone Institute said:

Female parking enforcement officers patrolling the streets near a mosque situated on the Plaza de Pere Garau in downtown Palma have been subjected to a systematic campaign of harassment and humiliation by Muslims who insist that only male officers should be allowed to work in the area.
In recent weeks the tensions have escalated to the point where female parking officers have been verbally abused and spit upon by Muslim immigrants seeking to force the women out of the neighborhood.
Amid a growing concern for their physical safety, female employees have now been withdrawn from the area and replaced with an exclusively male workforce. The decision was made by a private company called Dornier SA, which runs a concession to manage the public parking system in Palma.”

The local authority appears to have surrendered to the Bearded Savages despite pleas from a women’s lobby group to take on the hatred and misogyny of the Islamic area. The local authority has refused to order the contractor to rescind the order to remove female staff from the Muslim area and reinstate the female patrols with armed police escort.

These sadly are not the only Bearded Savage problems that Spain is having, the Gatestone Institute report continued:
“In January 2010, Mohamed Benbrahim, an imam in the city of Tarragona near Barcelona, was arrested for forcing Fatima Ghailan, a 31-year-old Moroccan woman, to wear a hijab Islamic head covering. The imam had threatened to burn down the woman’s house because, according to him, she is “infidel” because she works outside of the home, drives an automobile and has non-Muslim friends.
In December 2009, nine Islamists in the city of Reus, also near Barcelona, kidnapped a woman, tried her for adultery based on Sharia law, and condemned her to death. The woman just barely managed to escape being executed by fleeing to a local police station.

The presence of Bearded Savagery is a clear and present danger to European women and especially women who have the misfortune to be born Muslim. Great strides have been made in Europe to allow women to act with their own independent agency but we seem to have imported a frighteningly large number of people who want to turn the clock back for women, not to the 1950’s or the 1900’s but the 7th Century.
We must cease this surrender to barbarism. We must cease being cowed. We must punish, at the ballot box, those who either encourage this madness or who turn a blind eye to it.

6 Comments on "Bearded Savages of the Day number 11"

  1. Robert the Biker | September 20, 2012 at 9:42 am |

    Well, it took the Spaniards the thick end of 700 years to get rid of the buggers last time (El Cid anyone)and they were free of the crap for 500 years until the EU stuck their oars in. This will never be solved at the ballot box, sorry but it’s the cartridge box to deal with this, and probably always has been. Send the traffic ladies out accompanied by a couple of large armed coppers from the Guardia Civil and see how gobby Abdul is then; htese monkeys are brave against a few unarmed girls, let’s see how they like it when it’s blokes.

    • Definitely agree with you about sending the ladies back out but with Guardia Civil accompaniment. The Islamofash may not be as brave then.

      The ballot box way MUST be tried first.

  2. Robert the Biker | September 20, 2012 at 10:18 am |

    But they HAVE tried the ballot box remember? A train was blown up by islamoshit killing, what, 200 people? Result was that the government was replaced by some touchy feely leftist twats who pulled all the troops back. Result of THAT is that the baboons are seething and whining worse than ever and spitting on girls. I advocate the carrot and stick approach to muslims: Do what you’re told and I wont kick the shit out of you. Force is something they understand really well

    • It was the Spaniards fault for believing that if only they appeased the Islamists and moved away from supporting the United States then they would be left alone.

      It don’t work like that in real life. Feeding the crocodile inorder that it eats you last is no way to behave and you still get eaten in the end.

      What we need are non racist parties which have the honesty to say that Islam in Europe is a problem which needs to be tackled.

  3. Robert the Biker | September 20, 2012 at 12:15 pm |

    The trouble is that we don’t really do single issue politics well in this country. Let’s face it, if we did UKIP would be the major party with perhaps a dozen BNP members, as it is we have a load of dross and placemen.
    I don’t know about non-racist, while the ‘slims can produce somalis and other non-reflectives, we are always going to be accused of the dreaded ‘R’ word. Golden Dawn and the Front Nationalle are doing moderately well after all.

    • I agree with you about single issue parties. Re the racism bit a lot of us are grown up about this and know that what people cannot change, such as skin colour, shouldn’t be held against them but things like culture and religion and politics are different matters, those things you can change.

      Islam is using the R word in order to shut down debate and it seems to be working for some, those who oppose Islam need to point out that Islam is NOT a race.

      It’s a misuse of the word racism.

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