Boycott the Auto Trader

Why the Auto Trader, you might ask? The answer to that is that that cash earned from the Auto Trader and similar publications in Guardian Media Group are propping up that bastion of leftist bullshit, the Guardian.

The Guardian used to be a respectable left of centre paper. A paper of reasonable liberal views published for an audience of reasonable liberal people.

However in recent years it has really lost the plot. It has become the organ of the out of touch and dangerous middle class authoritarian Left, who for ideological reasons promote policies that have damaged and continue to damage the United Kingdom. The Guardian has acted as a cheerleader for the failed policies of multiculturalism, has hosted approving articles about the anti-Semitic terrorist group Hamas, has demonised the only true democracy in the Middle East and supports and hosts too many wanky apologists for social ills whether it be riots, Islam, family breakdown and so much more.

Well as can be well imagined there are not that many people (apart from those who work in the public sector or the BBC) who want to buy such a lunatic rag as the Guardian newspaper, the market has spoken and lefty bullshit isn’t selling too well. This is where the Auto Trader comes in. Advertising and the newspapers cover price cannot keep the Guardian afloat forever, like the old Morning Star was alleged to have done, it needs it’s ‘Moscow Gold’ to keep it going. In the Guardian’s case the gold isn’t coming from Moscow but from profits from the Auto Trader.

So if you want to see what the atheist polemicist Pat Condell called ‘the ugliest newspaper in Britain’, justifiably fail, then don’t buy the Auto Trader or anything else in the Trader Media Group or anything else from any other of the publications and service providers in the Guardian Media Group.

Kick the anti-Semitic, anti British, anti Christian, anti democracy and anti freedom Guardian into the gutter where it belongs. Don’t buy the Guardian, don’t buy the Autotrader. Starve the beast, it’s the only way to kill it.

The Guardian’s print circulation is dropping dropping like a stone with circulation down over 17% June 2012 when compared to June 2011.

The only positive thing you can say about the Guardian is that it’s new Berliner size fits a cat litter tray better. It’s the newspaper that deserves to die, lets help put it out of its misery, boycott the Auto Trader.

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