Pat Condell “We cannot afford any more tolerance and respect for Islam”.

Here is the atheist polemicist Pat Condell’s take on the current crop of raging Islamic mentalists that we see not just in the traditional Bearded Savage nations but on our own doorsteps as well.

Here are some quotes that made me nod my head and cheer somewhat.

“A religion of all take and no give. We don’t give a damn about your feelings’” “Islam is the equal of National Socialism’

“We will not be told what we can and cannot say, no matter how many flags or embassies you burn.”

“We cannot afford any more tolerance and respect for Islam”. “Our capacity for tolerance of Islam has been sucked dry.”

“Sick to the back teeth of hearing about Islam. “

“Free speech is our birthright’

(and we should keep informing the powers that be that free speech is still our birthright and one that was dearly bought by previous generations)


Thanks to Muffled Vociferation for alerting me to this one.

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  1. Why is that whenever we see a group of Muslims, they all seem to be complaining or protesting about something? Why do we not see a group of Muslims walking around, back-slapping others, greeting others with a smile or a wave or a hug? You would think that they are realy unhappy living in this country. It may be because this country is not a Sharia state. There’s a simple answer to that, “If you want to live in a country with Sharia law, then fuck off and go to one, and then perhaps you’ll be happy!” Q. What do you call a contented Muslim? A. Asif!

    • Someone once described Islamic culture as one that exists in a state of permanent offendedness.

    • Nazism and Islam, the most accurate anagoly I have heard in the entire debate so far. We must ALL say enough is enough to this hateful and devisive ideology. Stand up for our future and your children everyone. Remember, “all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing”. Thank you Pat Condell.

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