How to leave Islam – some resources

You may have been born Muslim or you may have mistakenly converted to Islam and are now having second thoughts.

Islam is an easy religion to get involved in but in some circumstances is difficult if not lethal to leave. Therefore as a public service here are some resources for those living in the West who want to be ex Muslims but who need more information on how to do it. The situation for those living in Islamic countries is much different and it may be more difficult and dangerous to leave Islam if you live in an Islamic state.

If you have the misfortune to live in a ‘bearded savage’ nation then I would advise you to consult resources that are more appropriate for your situation.

Here are some resources aimed mostly at potential apostates from Islam in the West:

Apostates of Islam ā€“ Ex muslims talk about their experiences and the reasons why they left Islam

Islam Watch ā€“ Ex Muslims speaking out against Islam.

Islam Watch also has testimonies of those who have left Islam

Faith Freedom’s article on leaving Islam

Council of Ex Muslims article on the high number of converts to Islam who want to leave

Answering Muslims site’s information about Muslims leaving Islam

There are other resources out there and as I find appropriate ones I’ll update this list.

Finally a special note for my Muslima readers. If you are under threat from partner/husband or family for questioning Islam then you may be advised to contact one of the many Women’s Refuges that are operational in the UK. A good place to start would be the group Refuge who can be found at

Women wanting to leave Islam are under especial threat as in Islam women and girls are treated as property. If you live in an Islamic ghetto in the UK take some care when dealing with your local authority as in some cases Islam has infiltrated local government and may well have compromised the security of the women’s refuges in your area, you may find it safer to contact a refuge out of your own area. Please be careful, do not discuss your plans to become an apostate with other Muslims whether they be family or friends.

In a free society it is your right to belong to any religion or none. You may want to leave Islam for Christianity (if you like loving everyone) or Judaism (if you like a lot of rules) or anything else. It is your right and nobody should tell you otherwise.

Reading the truth about Islam will set you free.