Indoctrinate U the documentary – well worth watching

Well worth watching – Indoctrinate U

Many of you may well have seen this but others may not yet have discovered it and anyway while being beer fuelled the other day I promised a real life friend that I’d put this documentary up as we were talking about the issues of free speech and free association that the film raises.

For those who do not know about the movie, Indoctrinate U takes a detailed look at the politics of the US college system and how the political left has taken it over. What the film shows is how the political left have imposed speech codes and punished students and staff for speaking out against the left. Ridiculous ‘diversity’ bureaucracy abounds with instructors in flower arranging for example having to fill out full equalities assessments and stating how they will address issues of ‘racism….in flower arranging’

In one scene, a politically conservative lecturer states how her students guessed that she was a conservative not because she pushed her own views on to the students but because she didn’t. This to the students was so radically unlike the Leftist professors, for whom every teaching contact was an opportunity to promote leftism.

This film is well worth watching even though it is quite long. It shows how in an environment that should be ‘ a marketplace for ideas’ has become a leftist propaganda camp. The bullying detailed in this film that was undertaken against those who spoke out is appalling and shameful. To a leftist, debate is not something to be enjoyed but something to be silenced.

Dont’ think that the things that are shown in the film are not happening in UK educational institutions. Many universities have active student Islamic societies that are flexing their muscles and making more and more unwelcome the college environment for Christian, Jewish, Female, Gay and atheist students and staff.


Indoctrinate U the full movie. 1:28:09 in length

Indoctrinate U – IMDB page.

Huffington Post article on Islamic extremist infiltration into UK universities

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  1. I have heard of this film, or at least excerpts of it, on various web sites here. I will watch it later, and will be taking notes…:-)) (Because someone DID suggest I help with a translation. :-O

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