Tomb of Mohammed’s wife turned into a toilet – no riots occur

It is interesting to observe the selectivity of Islamic rage. Draw a cartoon, make a film, call Mohammed a nonce, and the bearded savagery gets turned up to 11.

However, if you build a toilet over the grave of Mohammed’s wife or plan to build on the tomb of the prophet Mohammed then there is hardly a whisper to be heard.

The Saudi Government intends to destroy some of the oldest mosques in the world. Partly this is driven by the Saudi Wahabism’s distaste for the veneration of graves.

The Israeli website Arutz Sheva quoting the London Independent said:

“Three of the world’s oldest mosques are about to be destroyed in Medina as Saudi Arabia embarks on a multi-billion-dollar expansion of Islam’s second holiest site, according to the British Independent. The house of Mohammed’s first wife, Khadijah, has already been replaced with a public toilet block, it reports.
The disregard for Islam’s early history is due to the Saudi regime’s adoption of Wahabism, an austere stream which scorns all forms of idol worship, including shrines and pilgrimages to graves, the paper explains.
Work on the Masjid an-Nabawi in Medina, where the prophet Mohammed is buried, will reportedly start once the annual Hajj pilgrimage ends next month. When complete, the development will turn the mosque into the world’s largest building, able to take in 1.6 million worshippers.”

The prohibition on idolotary by the Saudi’s obviously doesn’t stop them from worshipping Mammom as some of the sites are being built on by commercial developers.

Arutz Sheva continued:

“Historic sections of Mecca and Medina have been bulldozed to make way for gleaming shopping malls, luxury hotels and enormous skyscrapers. The Independent quotes the Washington-based Gulf Institute, which estimates that “95 per cent of the 1,000-year-old buildings in the two cities have been destroyed in the past 20 years.”

The outrage about this destruction has been conspicuously absent from the Islamic world apart from a few noises on the subject from Tehran.

The world of bearded savagery appears to have it’s knickers and it’s priorities in a twist. They riot over that which is not harmful but don’t riot over destruction of their ancient heritage.


Arutz Sheva

Independent article on destruction of Saudi heritage

(some interesting Islamic discussion  in the comments as well with some defending the Saudis)

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  1. Not really very surprising, is it. Some muslims rank higher than the average bear, Boo Boo and so the lower ranks….like everyone else really….choose their battles carefully.

    Stinks of Hypocrisy tho, doesn’t it 😉

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