Relaxed about Islam coming to your town?

If you are relaxed about getting one of these* in your town


You will sadly, likely as not, also get some of these


Remember that when Islam arrives in a town there is a fair chance that organised child abuse will come along with it. The people of many Northern English towns have found this out.

A mosque isn’t the same as a church or a synagogue or a Hindu or Sikh temple or a Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall or a Quaker meeting house. These are just places of worship. A mosque is not just a place of worship. A mosque is like the forward command post in a battlefield and the target of the Islamic army is you, your children and your nation.


*Before the fraggles turn up and whine about me being ‘Islamophobic’ about the Muslims of Peterborough (the picture is of Peterborough Mosque) it may help to remember that an Imam at this mosque was busted by the press earlier this year for trying to marry off an underage girl to an older man.