Mohammed the Mafioso – ‘The Innocent Prophet’ film


Picture credit The Atheist Camel blog

There is a new film questioning the Islamic narrative of the life of their prophet Mohammed.

It covers the life of Mo from birth and shows how a damaged and abused child grew up first into a gangster, then bound this group together with a created religion made up from bits copied from the Jewish Torah and Talmud and the Christian bible, mixed in with commands to violence against Mohammed’s chosen targets for plunder.

The film shows how attacks on the Christian, Jewish and Pagan Kingdoms of ancient Arabia were made by Mohammed, and how they were eventually destroyed by Mohammed’s gang. It makes me wonder what the course of history would have been like if these kingdoms had had a co-ordinated counter-attack and had destroyed the Mohammed Gang. What spiritual and tangible beauties could have been created by these kingdoms if Islam had not destroyed them? Arabia without Islam could have rivalled Byzantium for art and knowledge.

This video may help to understand that Islam started in violence and continues to live in violence. It also explains why and how Islam is abusive to women and also how Islam accommodates and accepts paedophilia. With the current scandal of Islamic Grooming Gangs in mind it does show how current Islamic attitudes to women, especially non Muslim women, were passed on from Mohammed, whose words cannot be questioned or re interpreted.

This film has been made at great cost as the moviemaker is an Ex Muslim currently a refugee in Spain. However, the Spanish Government has decided to take the ‘Neville Chamberlain‘ route and rather than support and protect the ex Muslim, are instead threatening to deport him from Spain.

Watch this film, learn the differences between respectable religions and Islam.

Please note that this film contains images of the Prophet Mohammed, if you are offended then tough luck, I really don’t give a toss about that.

Every questioning Muslim who wishes to learn about the Prophet from a different point of view should watch this film, it could help to free them from their slavery to Islam.

If I was to point out any negative point about this film then that would be who produced it, Pastor Terry Jones of Burn a Koran fame.  However, having watched the film there is hardly any overt Christian propaganda in it and is pretty fair to all the non Islamic beliefs of pre Islamic Arabia.


Here’s the article about the threat to the film maker Imran Firasat