The Guardian and Lefty film-makers speak with forked tongues

Still from Nazi propaganda film Triumph of the Will

It used to be said that you could rely on the Political Left to face up to fascists where ever they popped up from and whoever they were. At one point you could guarantee that any protest against the National Front, the British Movement, League of St George or the League of Empire Loyalists etc, would contain a fair number of principled left wingers, many of whom had seen at first hand the depredations wrought upon Europe in the past by fascism.

However, this valiant anti fascist history is denied by much of the contemporary British Left as it increasingly politically fellates Islam.  As an example of this we can see the Guardian, the voice of Britain’s Left, cheer-leading for an Islamic propaganda film which attempts to whitewash and promote Islam in a similar way that the films of Leni Riefenstahl such as Triumph of the Will, whitewashed and promoted the German Nazis.

The Guardian reports:

“The call to prayer sounds and a serious-looking man with a bushy beard stares intently at the camera. At first appearance it is a familiar image of an angry Muslim but as the man breaks into laughter and begins to talk about his pride in being British, the viewer’s presumptions are challenged.

The clip is a trailer for Combinations, a short film being produced by Media Cultured, a fledgling organisation using film and social media to challenge extremism by and against Muslims. In an age when the Talibanand Somali group al-Shabaab use Twitter, and the anti-Islamic film The Innocence of Muslims on YouTube was disseminated by extremists on both sides to further their own ends, Media Cultured is an attempt to use the same tools to promote harmony rather than discord.”

No sensible person would say that there are not individual Muslims who are loyal to the UK, after all there are many nominal Muslims out there who either reject the more outlandish teachings of the Qu’ran, or who are just ‘cultural Muslims’, but the philosophy of Islam is a different matter. Islam is only loyal to itself and not loyal to or compatible with the UK or any other Western free society, and shouldn’t be seen as a religion like other more peaceful faiths, but instead should be seen for the politico-religious, fascistic cult that it so often shows itself to be.

There might be some OK people who follow Islam, like guy in the trailer for the film, but they are OK despite Islam, not because of it. When you read the words of the Qu’ran, you will see how it just cannot be otherwise, as the exhortations of that book are mostly concerned with violence and conquest, not peaceful, civilised co-existence.

This film, made by the group Thousand Yard Films and a multicultural media propaganda outfit called ‘Media Cultured’ which is backed by money from a North East entrepreneurship fund, is nothing more than lies to make Islam seem less of a problem than it really is. It is no better than the sort of film product put out by the governments of Stalin and Hitler in order to convince their populations that they were not being run by murderous, oppressive dictators.

If you are concerned about money from Taxpayer funded and rescued banks such as Northern Rock or companies such as Virgin Money, funding such fawning rubbish then it may be a good idea to contact the film makers and the funders and politely tell them what you think of such gross and transparent propaganda. Even from the trailer it looks like the sort of thing that Dr Goebbels would have approved of.

Can you imagine the Guardian fawning over Triumph of the Will in this way? Of course you can’t, but the Guardian takes a different view when the fascists are Islamic. The Guardian will always be able to find an excuse for Islamic treason, and sadly there are all too many groups like Thousand Yard Films and Media Cultured who will willingly produce filmic tributes to an Islamic ideology that has often shown itself unfit, unable and unwilling to meld in with the values and mores of free societies.

To conclude, individual Muslims should never be oppressed or harmed nor their property damaged or destroyed, that way lies the madness of the past, but that doesn’t mean that taxpayer funded organisations, and major companies should support pro Islamic propaganda such as this film.


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