The Boston Attacks. Perpetrators appear to be Bearded Savages, now there is a surprise, or not.

In the early stages of the Boston attacks, when news was just coming out about the atrocity, the political Left must have hoped and prayed that the terrorists were ‘right wing nuts’ or ‘individualists’ instead of Islamic terrorists.

But as the smoke, both real and metaphorical, starts to clear we start to discern that, as many counterjihadists suspected, the attackers have turned out to be Muslim Bearded Savages. This is yet another Islamic attack on a free people, in this case on the citizens of the United States.

Any Leftist fantasies that this attack was carried out by shadowy mentally unhinged conservatives disappeared like morning mist being hit by sunshine. As more becomes known, via social media about the terrorists likes, dislikes and attitudes the more plainly can be seen the hand of Islam in these attacks.

Like so many other murderous terrorists before, the Boston attackers seem to have picked up their condition of Sudden Jihad Syndrome from study of the Islamic texts and a fascination with Islamic terrorism.

The Roman Catholic news source said that according to some Russian sources the elder of the terrorist brothers may have attended a Chechen Madrassa.

Asianews said:

“Both of Chechen origin, but born in Kyrgyzstan, the two brothers had immigrated to the United States in 2003 and lived in Cambridge, a suburb of Boston. The eldest, Tamerlan, was a former engineering student. In 2012 he opened a page on Youtube with his name. According to the data of the account in the Russian language, the young man navigated suspicious sites, close to radical Islam. Among the  films uploaded, many touch on “conversion to Islam” and “Islamic terrorism.” From 1999 to 2001, the young man is reported to have attended a school in Dagestan. In his application he is reported to have made reference to his devotion to Islam. However, the latter source is yet to be verified. “

Even if the source stating that Tamerlan attended a Chechen Madrassa is not verified, there are other pointers to the motivations for these attacks. Although the Chechen Jihadists are on the surface involved in a quarrel with Russia, that doesn’t mean that the violent Chechen jihadists hate any other country the less. Basically like so many followers of Islam, they were probably infected with the Islamic blame virus which tells too many Muslims that the reason why the Ummah is backward and failing, is all the fault of the West or Crusaders or the Jews. In the mind of the Islamic miserablist with a chip on both shoulders, the Islamic nations problems of lack of development and sclerotic,violent societies are never the fault of over a billion people mindlessly and blindly following a 7th century warlording, thief and rapist caled Mohammed.

The western political Left have come out of this tragedy very badly burned by saying ‘but it might not be a Muslim it may be someone wrapped in a Gadsden flag’. The left which so desperately wanted this attack to be carried out by one of their traditional enemies, cynically paraded the Oklahoma City and Atlanta bombings as evidence for caution before making a judgement. Those who called this attack as an Islamic one look like they have been proved right, but many of us also got things wrong, especially in fingering the Saudi bombing victim as a bomber. However, those who let their socialist ideology and hatred for the United States and other free peoples and nations blind them to the statistical likelihood that this outrage bore the imprint of Islam, are the ones who have committed the biggest error.

If any good can come of these appalling atrocities carried out by these brothers on an American university city, then it may be that students across the USA start to question and challenge Leftist teaching and support staff in universities and other educational establishments. For too long the political Left has had free rein in centres of learning in the USA, the UK and across much of the Free World. Students have in some cases been force-fed like French Geese, a Leftist narrative of the world, and these students, who are beholden to the teaching staff for the allocation of grades, stay quiet for the sake of their futures. Lets hope that in future more challenge is made to this leftist narrative and that people will rally round those students who will inevitably be made examples of by the various shades of Leftist who have found far too comfortable a sinecure in all levels of education.


A fitting memorial to those who died and were maimed in the Boston attacks would be for people in the future to become more realistic where Islam is involved, and to speak up about the problems that the ideology of Islam causes for both non Muslims, and to those who were born Muslim. We must stand up to, and denounce, those who tell big lies such as ‘Islam is a religion of peace’. If Islam is peaceful then it is a strange and contorted definition of the word ‘peace’. It’s time we all joined the reality based universe and called a rabid,violent fascistic ideology by its true name, and that name is Islam.


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  1. You mention left thinking education, and the putting forward of socialist views by the education establishment. I can draw on the example of the lovely Miss Romany Blythe, the wonderful woman who started the ‘Thatcher Death Parties’, this paragon of intellectual virtue first became a socialist and anti-Thatcherite when told at 16 she may not get a job in her life because of Mrs Thatcher’s Government. She is a year older than myself, but at 16 if a teacher told me something like that I would have been cynical and not based my lifelong political views around it. However the teacher should have added ‘Romany love, you might not get a job because your useless’.

    Possibly one method of attacking both Islamic expansionism and socialism is to highlight its inadequacies and downsides to as many people as possible. Especially young ones, they don’t have to agree on anything, just use research and a scientific method to base that research on. We might in about two or three generations reverse the damage done.

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