April ‘British Neville Chamberlain’ Award – Redbridge council in East London

Hot on the heels of the disgusting case in Shrewsbury (see links below) where an Islamic group was offered a former chapel to use as a Terrorist Indoctrination Centre Mosque, comes this tale of appeasement from the London Borough of Redbridge.

As detailed earlier on this website, Redbridge council appears to have ‘gifted’ a former Workingmans club to an Islamic group, despite local residents raising money in order to bring the building back into general community use.

As seems to be the pattern in these cases, it is the planning departments who seem very keen on ticking the ‘diversity’ boxes by approving these mosques which are often not wanted by local residents.

Because of this blatant pandering to Islam and because there are unanswered questions as to just why this building appears to have been gifted to the Islamic group, Redbridge Council, in the person of council cabinet leader, Councillor Keith Prince has been awarded a ‘Neville’ certificate.  A supplementary ‘Neville’ has been awarded to Councillor Jim O’Shea, a man who couldn’t find it within himself to speak up against the ideology of Islam creeping into Hainault, but instead confined his objections to the type of fence around the building.

This sort of appeasement is a bad sign in a local authority and is an indication that the tentacles of Islamic corruption are reaching into the council, in a similar way to how they have reached into other nearby boroughs such as Tower Hamlets, Newham and Waltham Forest.

If the residents of Redbridge want their borough to look like Whitechapel and have similar problems with thuggish Shariah Patrols that that area has, then all they need to do is keep voting the same Islam appeasing councillors in. If the residents of Redbridge don’t want to see Islamic appeasement turn their area into a violent slum, then they should remove their current councillors and replace them with those who will fight for their interests and not the interests of the followers of a 7th Century, desert dwelling paedophile and killer. There are plenty of non-racist, independent and patriotic candidates to vote for, you don’t have to vote for the ‘usual suspects’.

Appeasement, it didn’t work against the Nazis in the 1930’s and it will not work in 21st Century Redbridge either.

‘Neville’ Certificates to remind Cllrs Prince and O’Shea that there are other points of view on the ideology of Islam have been sent to them.



Original April Neville award nomination story on the workingmans club that has been gifted to an Islamic group


If you, like me are enraged at this act of appeasement, contact details for all councillors can be found on the Redbridge council website. Polite letters of objection and concern sent to councillors may make them reconsider the wisdom of appeasing Islam in the future.


The Shrewsbury case where a building was sold at an apparent discount to an Islamic group


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