More violent Islamic converts – Threat to terrorise Canadians foiled

There is a chilling story on the Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs website about how the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have foiled a plan to set off bombs on Canada Day.  The devices had the capacity to kill and maim hundreds if not thousands of people.

This is the sort of scum that choose to follow the ‘religion of permanent violence’ and the natural outcome of having a manual of violence, the Koran, as your chosen guiding principle.  Only the evil, the stupid or the catastrophically mentally ill, choose Islam.  All sensible and balanced people treat the ideology of  Islam like the stinking turd that it truly is.

Ms Geller said:

 ” “These individuals were inspired by al-Qaeda ideology.”

Media doublespeak. Translation of “al Qaeda inspired’? Islam. Man, how they turn themselves inside out to turn a phrase….  just so as not to have to utter the truth. It was jihad.

Born in Canada, male and female Muslim converts intended to blow up the British Columbia legislature during Canada Day celebrations on July 1st. Maximum crowd, maximum bloodshed. These bombs were  designed like the Boston pressure cooker bombs — to tear through flesh and bone and in this case, wound or kill thousands.

Most of the news articles (including the one below) don’t mention the fact that they were converts, let alone the M word.

“This self-radicalized behaviour was intended to create maximum impact and harm to Canadian citizens at the B.C. Legislature on a national holiday. ” Assistant Commissioner Rideout said.

Translation of  “self-radicalized” from media gibberish? They read the quran.”

Yup, got in one there Ms Geller.