Peoples March Against Terrorism

Best wishes to all those attending the Peoples March Against Terrorism which is intending (police obstruction permitting) to set off from Woolwich, where Drummer Lee Rigby was brutally murdered by Muslims.  The destination of the march is Westminster, that home of so many elected politicians who choose to ignore the cries of anger and agony from their own people, but instead pander to the demands of Islamic groups.

We have suffered much worse terrorism from Islam than we did during the IRA atrocities of the 1960’s through to the 1990’s.  Scores of people have died in attacks such as 7/7, our troops have been killed both overseas and here, and thousands of vulnerable girls have suffered from a ‘rape jihad’.  Islamic gangs spread the physical poison of Heroin in our ravaged cities and the spiritual poison of Islam in our prisons.  Wherever their ideology spreads, the quality of life for non-Muslims (and Muslim dissidents) declines.

The butchery of Drummer Rigby was not, as a Metropolitan Police officer said recently ‘just another murder’ but should be the watershed and the tipping point where all Non-Muslims say ‘enough is enough’.

Tell the government, the political Left, the diversity industry and thepublic and charitable centres that you’ve had enough.  Even if you are not going to this particular demo, make sure that in the future you challenge Islamic bullshit whether propagated by Islamic groups or their Quislings and collaborators.



This is from the Facebook page of the Peoples March Against Terrorism.

During a liasion meeting with organisers, police are trying to describe the murder of Drummer Rigby as ‘Just another murder that has been dealt with’.

After our liason meeting yesterday for the Peoples March Against terrorism we have now recieved feedback from the MET police, and we are totally disgusted with what we have been told. Apparently our March should not be starting from Woolwich because the Silver Commander said and i quote “Lee Rigby’s death was JUST another murder and has now been dealt with”.

Words cannot express the utter disgust we felt at hearing this and we now call upon everyone to get your complaints into the MET. We must let our government know we will never forget Lee Rigby and we will not allow his murder to be swept under the carpet.

The Peoples March Against Terrorism WILL STILL GO AHEAD and we urge everyone to make the effort to get to woolwich to show just how we feel as a people and just how wrong the Silver Commander is.