Will the last Non Muslim people in London please remember to switch off the light when leaving. George Galloway going to run for London mayoralty

It seems that according to the Trending Central website, George Galloway wants to bring his own brand of bent Islam appeasing politics to London.

Trending Central said:

It was reported in June this year that the Respect MP for Bradford East, George Galloway, was considering a run for Mayor of London.

In an interview with “the artist taxi driver” uploaded to YouTube yesterday, Galloway confirmed that he “probably will” run for the position, stating that he would never have run against his friend Ken Livingstone, who ran in 2012 against incumbent Conservative Boris Johnson and lost.

Asked, “Are you going to run for Mayor of London?” Galloway replied, “I probably will”, going on to state, “I have a committee exploring it now. It’s a shrunken field. Boris Johnson won’t be running. Ken Livingstone won’t be running. I would have never run against Ken, he’s a very old friend of mine. And Labour will field Ken Livingston minus. The Tories will field Boris Johnson minus.”

Asked, “So you think you can win?” Galloway responded, “I can win, yeah.” “

I cannot think of a worse person, apart from Ken Livingstone, for such a position.  The sort of nasty anti-British communal politics that Galloway used in Tower Hamlets and by which he gained his new constituency in Bradford would be a disaster for London.

So far 600,000 Londoners have left London to escape from the criminal immigrant and Islam heavy environment that the Left have created there.

The ‘election’, probably by bent postal votes, of someone like Galloway would be the surrender of our capital to the savages.