What would you rather come to your area? A Mosque or a Fracking rig?

Various people and groups, for their own reasons, put out misinformation about both the ideology of Islam and the extraction of hydrocarbons using the hydraulic fracturing process. Local newspapers are running speculative stories about fracking in their area, in order to increase their circulations with a big and controversial story. Some say that fracking will be good for an area and some say otherwise. But what is worse for an area, fracking or Islam?

Lets look at both these things side by side.

With Fracking you get some short term disruption from the initial construction of the site and the temporary invasion of some uninformed protestors.

With the introduction of Islam into a community comes political corruption, bent postal votes, whining for special treatment for Muslims and the presence of some pretty nasty violent types who sadly are a constant feature of Islamic enclaves. This invasion of the violent is not temporary, as with the fracking protestors, but is permanent as any non-Muslim resident of Britain’s local Islamic ghettos will know. Islam will disrupt your area until it is destroyed and the non-Muslim becomes a second class citizen.

Fracking when completed, leaves nothing but a series of small holes in the ground which are much easier to environmentally repair than are the spoil heaps of coal mines.

Islam by contrast, when it invades, leaves a huge and gaping hole in the societies that it afflicts.

Fracking will not be the cause of your daughters being raped

On the other hand Islam, and the attitudes to women that it promulgates, can be proved to be a factor in a multitude of rapes, child sex offences, grooming gang activity etc both in the UK and elsewhere.

Fracking will not invite hate preachers to call for the deaths of those who are anti-fracking

Islamic groups invite hate preachers to attack Christians, Hindus, Jews and Sikhs with a monotonous regularity.

Having a fracking site nearby will not cause your children to be force fed Halal food that is often produced in an unethical way.

Mosques, other Islamic organisations and the Left wing who pander to them, will force your children to eat Halal food and call those who object to eating food sacrificed to a dangerous alien deity as ‘racists’.

Fracking companies will not deliberately cause mass deaths on our public transport of decapitate our troops in the street.

Islam has done all this and much much more.

So what would you rather live near, a Fracking site or a Mosque. Personally I’d rather live near a Fracking site* than a mosque, as the frackers are less of a threat to me and my nation than the ideology preached in Mosques to the brainwashed followers of Islam.

This is a fracking site


This is a mosque.


The fracking site has at least not tried to marry off underage girls unlike members of the staff of this mosque in Peterborough, a town where there has been a huge number of ‘sex abusers arrested earlier this year. The presence of Mosques and an Islamic community often appears to go hand in hand with appalling sex crimes against non-Muslims. Now that is something that cannot be blamed on fracking.

*Come to think of it I’d rather spend the night in a sleeping bag on the outer containment vessel of a reactor at Sellafield than live near a mosque.