Tell Mama getting desperate for cash. Now appealing for money on Facebook.

Looks like Tell Mama are starting to feel the pinch after having the bulk of their taxpayer funding removed.

Also they appear to be so desperate to ‘get pan-handling’ that in their haste they misspell the word ‘community’. Not good, not professional. But then it’s Tell Mama, what else can be expected?

Tell Mama UK shared a link.

19 hours ago

Maybe you can support our work. A £5 monthly donation can help us in our communtiy education programmes to inform people how to report in hate incidents and crimes.

Donations of £10 and £25 can help us reach out to communities across England and Wales. A monthly direct debit payment will support our work on a regular basis and make a real different to the TELL MAMA project’s outreach:

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OK we all have to live and many of us have donate buttons, but this is a huge climb down for Tell Mama to have to do this. It really is a case of ‘how have the mighty fallen’ since the bulk of taxpayer funds were withdrawn from Tell Mama. From slithering through the corridors of power like a serpent, clutching oodles of taxpayer loot, to saying the equivalent of ‘spare some change for a cup of tea, guv’nor’. It really is a long way down, isn’t it

Is there any chance that Tell Mama could take their porkies, I mean ‘outreach’, to somewhere it may be welcomed? Somewhere for instance, like Pakistan or some other Islamic hell-hole? The last thing Britain needs at the moment is even more Islamic whining than we are putting up with at present.