Ansbach – It’s everything to do with Islam again.

Armed police seal off street near the site of the latest Islamic violence in Ansbach Germany


Those people who warned the German government not to allow in hordes of violent, culturally incompatible Muslims were slandered at every turn. Those giving the warnings about the dangers posed by Chancellor Merkel’s cretinous actions, were called ‘neo-Nazis’, ‘fascists’, ‘racists’ and ‘xenophobes’ by fools who supported bringing in yet more of these ‘refugees’. The mainstream media went on a full propaganda onslaught in favour of these ‘refugees’. The media falsely compared the flood of Muslims coming from the Middle East and North Africa with those who had previously been turned into refugees because of war and oppression. The media used the stories of these genuine refugees such as the Vietnamese Boat People, those who escaped from the Yugoslavian civil war and those who fled from the murderous clutches of Adolf Hitler as a stick to beat those who questioned the wisdom of importing so many Muslims. Those who said ‘hang on, these ‘refugees’ are mostly Muslim males, they’ll bring trouble’ were ostracised and in some cases prosecuted and oppressed by the State. But, as we are rapidly finding out, the government, the media and the ‘refugees welcome’ lunatics were wrong and those giving the warnings were correct. Allowing in so many potentially dangerous Muslims has indeed cause a multitude of problems for Germany and other European countries, most notably France, as well.

So far in France and Germany, in the space of little over a fortnight, Muslims have murdered nearly 100 innocent people and injured scores more by attacks with truck, bomb, axe, knife or gun. That’s 100 families who mourn, 100 families dealing with the most appalling trauma. On top of that there are the people who have been grievously injured in these attacks by Islamic savages and those who will be permanently mentally shattered by what they’ve experienced. The wages of virtue-signalling by the ‘refugees welcome’ and ‘diversity is strength’ crowds is death or injury to ordinary people. The governments, media and the ‘refugees welcome’ lot were told, what could happen but they would not listen. It seems to me as it was for them less mentally challenging to get into lock step with the other sand shout ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobe’ at their opponents, rather than make the effort to look at the evidence which clearly shows that Islam is a problem, and often a deadly one, wherever it goes.

Germany and France have been hit pretty hard in recent weeks by Islamic violence. First there was the Nice truck attack which took the lives of 84 people then a spate of attacks in Germany, all carried out by Muslims, on a train, a shopping centre, and in a street. Since the 14th July when the Nice attack was carried out 95 innocent people have been killed by Islamic savages.

Now there has been another attack, again carried out by a Muslim, this time another ‘Syrian refugee’ and by using a suicide bomb. The Islamic savage injured 12 people and only killed himself but this could have been far, far worse. The savage detonated his bomb outside a restaurant but he did so after being refused entry to a music festival that was running nearby to where the explosion happened. It looks very much like this Syrian savage was probably intending to explode inside the festival and could have killed or injured scores of people. It was only the fact that the savage Muslim didn’t have an entry ticket and was turned away that he didn’t kill many more people. Another potentially horrific Islamic mass murder has been narrowly avoided here, but we may not be so lucky next time. These savages need to be sorted out properly by our governments and sorted out soon and that is something that should be obvious now. We can’t keep on telling lies to ourselves such as ‘tiny minority of extremists’ or ‘all religions are the same’ or ‘Islam is a religion of peace. These lies are bringing death and destruction when what is needed is truth and security,

Here’s the Sky News report. As is usual policy for this blog the original text is in italics whereas my comments are in plain text.

Sky News said:

A suspected suicide bomber has killed himself and injured 12 others in an explosion outside a wine bar in the German city of Ansbach.

Another town another example of Islamic savagery.

Detectives have said the suspected attacker was a 27-year-old Syrian man who had been denied asylum in Germany.

If he’s the sort that has proved himself liable to explode in the middle of a music festival then it’s right that he was refused asylum. It’s utter madness that the bleeding heart brigade allowed him to stay in Germany when he should have been shipped out. Of course Syria is a shithole but it’s better to deport dangerous Muslims back there than have them cause all manner of harm to your own people.

Security officials say he detonated an explosive device after being turned away from a music festival being attended by thousands of people.

The people attending the festival are very very lucky indeed. It’s only because of the vigilance of the door staff that he was turned away. If this savage had managed to get in he could have killed who knows how many people.

Joachim Herrmann, Bavaria’s interior minister, said the contents of his backpack had the potential to kill and injure many more victims as it was filled with explosives and metal parts.

This device looks a whole lot more sophisticated than that which could be put together quickly by a distressed and disturbed ‘refugee’. It looks like there could be much more to this than merely one ‘mentally ill’ asylum seeker.

A large-scale operation involving 200 police and 350 rescue workers was launched, and a helicopter brought in.  

Armed police have raided a building used to house asylum seekers three kilometres from the scene. 

Good idea. These exploding savages don’t always work alone therefore it makes sense to go to the nearest nest of vipers to give the place a spin, especially if there are known links between the exploding savage and the ‘refugee’ home.

Detectives have asked anyone with mobile phone footage taken at the scene to send it in. 

Witness Thomas Debinski said: “People were definitely panicking. The rumour we were hearing immediately was that there had been a gas explosion. 

When this story came in just before I went to sleep last night, I thought ‘I bet this is another savage attack’ and sadly I was right. I so wanted it to be a mere gas explosion and not even more Islamic savagery.

“But then people came past and said it was a rucksack that had exploded. Someone blew themselves up.

“After what just happened in Munich, it’s very disturbing to think what can happen so close to you in such a small town.” 

Islamic savagery can happen anywhere. All it takes is for the nation to import the followers of Islam. Ansbach is yet another name to add to the growing list of places where the followers of Islam have killed, maimed or raped.

Three people were seriously injured by the “deliberate” blast, and Mr Herrmann has warned he cannot rule out that the bombing was an Islamist terror attack.

‘Cannot rule out’ roughly translates as ‘Oh shit! Look what we’ve imported’

At a news conference, he added: “Due to the situation in Syria, he was not deported. In spite of the rejected application, he was given exceptional leave to remain.”

If he was too questionable a character to allow in as a refugee why was he allowed exceptional leave to remain?

A police statement stressed that there is no sign of any further attackers.  

Yeah, right. That’s what was said about the Munich savage who was said to be a lone wolf but had help or assistance from others it seems.

More than 2,000 people have been evacuated from the nearby festival, which has now been cancelled. 

Germany has been on high alert following a series of incidents in recent days.

On Sunday, a Syrian refugee wielding a machete killed a woman and injured two other people in the German city of Reutlingen – the 21-year-old man was apparently acting alone and has been arrested.

And on Friday, nine people were killed in a shooting near a shopping centre in Munich, which was carried out by an 18-year-old who later turned the gun on himself.

How many more people will have to die or get seriously injured or mentally traumatised before our governments deal with Europe’s Islam problem? They need to get a grip with it soon by both political, policing and military means as Islam is becoming an increasing problem. My worry is that if the governments fail to take appropriate action against Islamic savagery, then the ordinary citizen may start to feel inclined to take the law into their own hands. This ‘rise of King Mob’ is something I’ve warned about for a while now and it’s a phenomenon that really should be avoided. Nobody of good will or law abiding nature, including myself, wants to see widespread civil disorder on the continent of Europe, because it is a sign of both political and social failure. Such actions also have the tendency to roll up both the guilty and the innocent, the jihad fan and the ex Muslim all together and punish them both. That’s not justice.

What would be just, and the correct way to proceed, would be for the politicians to pull their fingers out and start to admit that they were wrong about Islam and start to ask some hard and searching questions about its compatibility with civilised societies. Islam is a violent ideology that creates violent people and forms violent oppressive societies and is anathema to the post Enlightenment European way of mind. It needs to be countered by every organ of the state, and it needs to be countered with as much harshness as we can stomach because if the boot was on the other foot they would give us, the non-Muslim, no quarter whatsoever. If the current crop of politicians cannot protect us from Islam or instead foolishly assist this dangerous ideology, then these politicians need to be replaced. We need a change in our cultures of governance from one that panders to Islam to one that is more realistic and which sees Islam for what it is, which is a threat to all of us. It’s time that Islam and its followers were treated as they deserve to be treated and not as they are at present, like honoured and distinguished guests.

If ever there was a time when political correctness needed to be put aside in favour of a common sense approach to Islam, then surely it must be now?


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