September 11th 2001. Remember the victims but never forget that it was Islam that murdered them


Today, it’s right that we remember the thousands of people who were murdered, wounded, traumatised and bereaved on September the 11th 2001. But as well as remembering the dead, we must never forget that it was the followers of Islam that murdered and maimed on that day. We should also recall that Islam is killing and maiming and oppressing even as I write.

The same Islam that encouraged 19 of its followers to commit acts of mass murder in New York, Washington and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania on September 11th 2001 is also the same Islam that has murdered innocents in Nice, Paris, Bali, Madrid, London, and elsewhere. It’s also the same Islam that has guided its followers to commit a lengthening list of the most appalling sex crimes. Muslims, following the instructions contained within the Koran and hadith along with the example of the life of the Islamic ‘prophet’ Mohammed, have gang raped children in Britain,. They have attacked random women in Germany and Sweden, raped elderly women in Austria and are notable for their predatory sexual deviancy wherever they go. When press reports emerge of the names of the perpetrators of terror and sex attacks, although these stories may show that the criminals hailed from a multitude of different nations, there is one constant, that of adherence to the ideology of Islam.

Islam kills. Islam rapes. Islam mutilates. Islam corrupts. The depredations of Islam are not just represented by the destruction of the iconic World Trade Centre towers or the other 911 attacks, but are also shown by the parent sobbing over their daughter raped by Muslims and by the non-Muslims evicted from their traditional areas by the violence and intolerance of Islamic interlopers. For every huge Islamic atrocity such as 911, there are many hundreds of other atrocities, killings, rapes, noncing and acts of ethnic cleansing.

For the last 15 years the governmental authorities have been following a failing policy of assuming that the problems with Islam relate to a ‘tiny minority of extremists’. However, over the last decade and a half, more evidence as to the true and depraved nature of Islam has emerged. That knowledge has started to be disseminated among non Muslims, something that is much to the chagrin of both Muslims and those non-Muslim quislings for Islam. It has become apparent that the problem with Islam is not a ‘tiny minority of extremists’, but a damn well majority of Muslims who if not killing non-Muslims themselves, are keeping quiet about those Muslims who do want to kill and those Muslims who rape and corrupt. Islam has revealed itself to be a ‘religion’ of war and oppression and not in any way a ‘religion of peace’.

Remember the dead, remember what killed them and vow to fight the hate filled retarded ideology of Islam. On 911 Islam and subsequently committed, and indeed still commits, the most appalling atrocities in the name of its bloodthirsty deity Allah. Islam is the Hitlerism, the Stalinism and the child-sacrifice worship of Moloch, of our day. Just as these ideologies and death cults needed to be challenged and rejected by decent people and followers of less cruel deities in past times, so Islam needs to be challenged and rejected in our time.

During the Islamic attack on the United States, one of the Islamic savages who’d commandeered one of the planes, told the passengers on his hijacked aircraft to ‘keep quiet and everything will be all right’. Well these passengers on that who did as the Muslim savage said and kept quiet, died along with thousands of others. If there is any lesson that we should take from this particular sliver of information about the September 11th atrocity then it must be this: There is nothing at all to be gained by keeping quiet about Islam, it’s depravities, its twisted culture, its attacks on the innocent or any other of the numerous problems associated with Islam and Muslims.

The passengers on United 93 on the other hand realised that what they were dealing with were not relatively civilised hijackers, wanting to make a political point, who would land the aircraft safely, but violent savages following a path of nihilistic violent savagery called Islam. They realised this and fought back and although they lost their lives in the fightback against the hijackers, by their actions they probably saved many more innocent lives on the ground in Washington. We will not save our nations and our societies by politely keeping schtum about Islam, or trying not to ‘offend’ its followers, but by speaking up against it and like the heroes of flight 93, fighting back against it.

I pray for the souls of the innocents who died or were wounded in the 911 attacks and their families, along with all victims of Islamic savagery, and I pledge my undying disgust of, and enmity towards, the death cult that is Islam.