Stabby Muslims in Australia


Like other nations that have mistakenly believed the lie that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’, the people of Australia have recently been experiencing the sort of violence that is a hallmark of Islam and those who follow it or who fail to properly reject it.  It appears that the ‘lucky country’ has the misfortune to contain a few too many ‘stabby’ Muslims.

The town of Minto on the outskirts of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, is the latest place to experience Islamic violence. There, a Muslim, known to the police for previous Islam related trouble, went berserk with a machete, severely injuring one man, whilst shouting the Islamic war cry, ‘Allahu Akbar’.

Because of the nature of the attack and the previous record of Ihsas Khan the Islamic savage in question, there is no way that anyone can dishonestly spin this case as being completely the result of mental illness or a bang on the head or ‘loss of control’. Islam is pretty obviously the motivation behind this attack and that fact shines out like a fiery beacon on a dark night. Yes there is a mental health record for Khan, but that must be balanced by the knowledge that this savage also has a record for anti-Australian activities that have been heavily influenced by Islam.

Previous to Khan going ‘full Islam’ with a machete in Minto and severely injuring Wayne Greenhalgh who was walking his dog trough Minto at the time, Khan had been picked up by the police for dubious Islam related activities. Khan had been going round with scissors cutting down Australian flags, much to the annoyance of local non-Muslims. When picked up by the police Khan was found to be armed with a pair of scissors and said that he was attacking Australian flags because of Australia’s involvement in the Iraq and Afghan wars. Khan has also said that he was inspired to kill innocent Australian non-Muslims by the actions of another Muslim savage Farhad Jabar who last year shot dead police worker Curtis Cheng. This is yet another case of what could be called the ‘Islamic chain reaction’, In this scenario one Muslim is inspired by the Koran or by ISIS to go and kill non Muslims, other Muslims then see this attack, get inspired by it and decide to go ‘full Islam’ and go on the attack. This second attack can then inspire other Muslims to start attacking people themselves thereby creating a seemingly random rash of Islamic violence against non-Muslims.

Here’s The Australian newspaper claiming that Khan was inspired to attack Mr Greenhalgh and threaten others with a machete by the actions of the murderous savage Jabar. As is usual policy for this blog the original text is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

The Australian said:

The alleged Sydney terrorist ­accused of trying to kill a 59-year-old man in an Islamic State-linked stabbing attack may have been ­inspired by last year’s murder of police worker Curtis Cheng, telling police the teenage shooter ­responsible for that killing was his “role model’’.

These Muslims often have dubious role models like this don’t they? If they are not taking other violent Islamic savages as role models then they are basing their world view on the behaviour of Islam’s violent paedophile ‘prophet’.

Ishas Khan (pictured on the right of the image below) allegedly chased and stabbed Wayne Greenhalgh in a frenzied knife attack that stunned counter-terrorism police and the residents of Minto, the south western Sydney suburb where the stabbing occurred.


All it took was for an innocent man out walking his dog to cross the path of this savage and be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mr Greenhalgh is another innocent non-Muslim who would not have been injured had not foolish politicians decided that Australia, like all too many other nations, could tolerate Islam.

NSW police yesterday said Mr Khan, a known religious ­fanatic, had acted on behalf of ­Islamic State. The terrorist group only last week issued a worldwide call to its followers to carry out lone-wolf killings wherever they lived.

This statement begs the question of why was this particular Islamic savage on the outside? Why wasn’t he in custody? He shouldn’t have been free to go ‘full Islam’ after the first time he was picked up for dodgy Islamic activity. If Khan was such a well known Islamic fanatic then why wasn’t he under closer supervision or better still in custody?

Police believe Mr Khan, 22, planned to “martyr’’ himself during the alleged terrorist attack, the fourth in Australia since Islamic State emerged as the standard-bearer for international jihad.

We will be alleging before court that this was an act inspired by ISIS,” NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Catherine Burn said yesterday. “It was a deliberate act. It ­resulted in a person receiving ­extremely serious injuries.”

At least the police in this case are not doing what the British and French police do following incidents like this which is immediately reaching for the ‘mental illness’ excuse. NSW police do at least seem to be recognising that this savage was inspired by ISIS to deliberately attack an Australian citizen. However that will probably not deter some of the pro-Islam quislings from the Left and the Greens from claiming that this attack was less to do with ISIS and more to do with brain chemistry imbalance.

What this case shows is that it is getting increasingly common for Muslims, both those who profess ‘conservative’ religious views, as well as those who are seemingly integrated, go to ‘full Islam’ in this manner. We must ask our authorities how many more deaths and injuries at the hands of Muslims will our societies be expected to put up with before some effective action is taken against Muslims who veer towards this violent path? We should also ask when there will also be effective controls and sanctions on the mosques and Islamic ‘community centres’ that appear to do very little, if anything, to divert people from extremism.

We seem to be in the worrying situation where any one or any number of the Muslims that we have living among us might be suffering from ‘sudden Jihad syndrome’ and subsequently causing all manner of death and destruction. That is a scenario that should cause all of us to worry and should also cause us to demand a much better service along with a more realistic approach to the Islamic threat, from the police forces that are tasked with protecting us.


Report from the Australian newspaper on how Khan was a known Islamic extremist who was inspired to kill by other Muslim attackers

The Australian TV station Channel 9 has shocking video footage of the savage Khan waving a machete around in Minto, New South Wales