From Elsewhere: Well done Mr Robinson

Mr Robinson with the flag that has caused so much consternation to the police and the Muslims of Luton


I was very pleased to see the piece below from Brietbart saying that Mr Tommy Robinson had succeeded in appealing an attempt by Bedfordshire police, a force notorious for Islamopandering, to restrict Mr Robinson’s movements.

Bedfordshire Police had attempted to put a ‘football banning order’ on Mr Robinson because he was pictured in France with an English flag emblazoned with the legend ‘F**k ISIS written upon it’. Bedfordshire Police, as I said earlier are a force that have crawled so far up the backsides of local Muslims that all you can see of the Chief Constable Jon Boutcher these days is his shiny shoes sticking out of an Islamic rectum. Bedfordshire are a terrible force, completely enslaved to the cult of ‘diversity’ and completely unable to police everyone fairly and justly.

Here’s what the Brietbart website said about today’s case. As is usual policy for this blog the original text is in italics whereas this bloggers’ comments are in plain text.

Brietbart London said:

The leader of Pegida UK, Tommy Robinson, appeared in court today, successfully arguing against the imposition of a ‘Football Banning Order’ by Bedfordshire Police.

The police had sought to argue that an English flag held up by PEGIDA UK leader Robinson with the words “Fuck ISIS” printed on it amounted to incitement of hatred against Muslims.

The interesting thing about the police’s reasoning is this: If ISIS, as the mendacious taqiyya artists and others often tell us, is nothing whatsoever to do with Islam, then why would Muslims be upset about it or why would it incite hatred? If ISIS truly was nothing to do with Islam then how on earth could it incite hatred against Muslims?

Attending Luton Magistrates Court today with her client, Mr. Robinson’s lawyer Alison Gurden argued that attempts to impose the order amounted to an attempt to breach his right to freedom of speech and assembly.

According to Mr. Robinson, the judge agreed, dismissing the police’s case against him as vague, cagey, and not genuine.

‘Cagey and not genuine’ would seem to sum up a lot of the cases that the police have brought against Mr Robinson.

Bedfordshire Police tried to serve him with the order in June of this year to ban him from attending the Euro 2016 football tournament, only to find that he had arrived in France days earlier. Upon his return to Britain, he was immediately served with the order and his passport was confiscated, preventing him returning to France to watch further matches.

During his time in France, he was pictured holding an English flag with the words “Fuck ISIS” emblazoned upon it. The incident appears to have prompted the police to argue in their application for the banning order that Mr. Robinson posed “a significant risk of both violence and disorder… This is especially so in terms of his established capacity to organise disorder from an anti-Muslim perspective”.

It seems as the inveterate Islamic appeasers of Bedfordshire police are trying anything and everything they can to try to shut up Mr Robinson. Personally I see no reason why, if the majority of Luton’s Muslims are peaceful, integrated and moderate should be concerned about those who attack the evil done in Islam’s name? Or could it be that ISIS and groups like them are everything to do with Islam?

The ban would have prevented him from walking in Muslim areas of Luton, his hometown, for the next three to five years. But Mr. Robinson opted to contest the application, resulting in his successful court appearance today.

This case shows just how much the police and the Home Office will try it on in order to not upset the savages and to silence those who are speaking up, no matter how peacefully, against Islamic savagery.

Earlier this month, Ms. Gurden argued in a blog that the case was merely a front for the Home Office to restrict Mr. Robinson’s movements in an attempt to thwart his legal political activities.

Of course it is an attempt to restrict Mr Robinson’s movements, when you look at how the police, the CPS and the home office have conducted it then it is difficult to see it as anything else.

Congratulations to Mr Robinson and his legal team. I doubt that this will be the last of the attempts by the state to harass Mr Robinson so I would urge those who are able to contribute to his legal fund to do so. Indeed it’s a good idea to contribute to the defence of anyone who has peacefully opposed the death cult that is Islam and who has been targeted by the State for doing so. This case shows how important good legal representation is for those who stand up to the depredations of Islam and to the quislings for Islam in our police forces and in government.


Original Brietbart story of the attempt to ban Tommy Robinson from the Muslim areas of Luton