Sadiq ‘Saracen’ Khan doesn’t represent me or my nation

Sadiq 'Saracen' Khan the Mayor of London


As a Briton, I’d like to take the opportunity to apologise to the citizens of the United States and in particular those citizens of the city of New York, and the states of New Jersey and Minnesota for the idiotic mutterings of London’s Islamist-linked Mayor, Sadiq ‘Saracen’ Khan.

Saracen Khan, on a recent visit to the United States, opened his foolish mouth following the recent Islamic bombings on the East Coast and said that Islamic terrorism is something that those in civilised nations just need to get used to. What utter rot this man speaks.

According to a report in the Express newspaper in the UK, Khan said: “”It is a reality I’m afraid that London, New York, other major cities around the world have got to be prepared for these sorts of things.”

It is notable that Khan’s statement says absolutely nothing about exactly why cities like London and New York face terror. Maybe this is because the terror is coming from the very same Islam that Saracen Khan follows, supports, promotes and facilitates. For those who don’t know, not only is Khan one of those politicians who could fairly be described as ‘opportunist’ but he has has well documented and long standing contacts with some quite nasty extremist Muslims. He has also appointed as ‘deputy mayor in charge of integration’, a Queens Counsel barrister who felt quite morally relaxed about appearing at a meeting and giving advice to the jihad supporters of a group called Cage (formerly known as ‘Cageprisoners’)

Although Khan later qualified his comment by speaking about the policing measures that need to be taken, he gave the distinct impression that terrorism and more specifically Islamic terror is something that we will all have to just put up with. It is escaping the notice of less and less people these days that it is the presence of a large Islamic community that is a major factor in why we face a growing number of acts of Islamic terror.

In his follow-up statement Khan said: “That means being vigilant, having a police force that is in touch with communities, it means the security services being ready, but also it means exchanging ideas and best practice.” There’s not much I can disagree with about being vigilant but I certainly take issue with Khan’s statement that terror can be stopped by having a police force that is ‘in touch with communities’. The British police have had extensive contacts with the Muslim community for many years and it has not made us any more safer than if they had not bothered. The Islamic community in the UK has been pandered to and appeased to a degree that no other minority community has been treated. Not only has this not prevented outrages such as the 7/7 attacks or the Islamic murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby, but this pandering and appeasement has contributed to an epidemic of mass rapes and child abuse. Police, partly to avoid career damaging dubious accusations of ‘racism’ from Muslims and partly to keep Muslims sweet, for decades ignored some of the most bestial offences against women and children that this country has every seen. I and many others don’t want a police force that is ‘in touch’ with the Islamic community that is breeding terrorists and criminals at an alarming rate, we want a police force who will deal harshly and effectively with Muslims and their often blatant savagery.

By so many of his statements, by the appointments he has made to high office and by his actions Saracen Khan has not given me any confidence that he can represent non-Muslim Londoners. Khan has shown a large degree of opportunism in his career but if there is one thing that is constant, it’s his promotion of Islam and his willingness to hang round with the sort of people who should really be wearing a sign round their necks saying ‘I am part of the Jihad problem’. Saracen Khan has one loyalty and one loyalty only, and that is to Islam.

Those non-Muslims who voted for Saracen Khan should feel ashamed of themselves and equally ashamed should be those who didn’t bother to vote, even though they were opposed to Khan and all that he stands for. It is these non-voters who allowed the idiot Lefties, the Muslims whipped to vote a certain way and possibly the bent postal vote to allow Khan to claim the mayoralty.

As a former Londoner with family members who still live in that rapidly degenerating city I can honestly say that Saracen Khan doesn’t represent me or my family and friends who are still Londoners. Khan represents Islam and Islam alone and any statement he makes to the contrary should be seen as dishonest and opportunistic.

As I said earlier, I’d like to apologise to the citizens of the United States for having to put up with this arsehole Khan. I’d like to remind American readers of this blog that Saracen Khan doesn’t speak for my country, he doesn’t speak me and neither does he speak for many other Britons. Khan speaks only for himself and for Islam.


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