So where are OUR ‘reassurance patrols’ and ‘clean up squads’ Mr Police Officer?

Note: See update at bottom of article

The answer it would seem is, unlike the special police patrols put on for Muslims who’ve been nearly hit by bits of bacon, nowhere to be seen. The contrast between how the police behave towards Muslims who’ve narrowly avoided being hit by bits of thrown bacon and how the police deal with the victims of crime committed by Muslims or those who live in fear of Islamic crime, is remarkable to say the least.

Here we have an incident, detailed by the Camden New Journal newspaper, of an incident that although idiotic and unpleasant, didn’t deserve or warrant the large amount of resources that the Metropolitan Police have dedicated to it. It’s yet another example of the double standard that now exists in British policing where a Muslim who alleges that they’ve been insulted is treated in a much better way than someone for example alleging that they or their child was a victim of an Islamic Rape Gang for instance. Such overt pro-Muslim behaviour by the police doesn’t help ‘community cohesion’ but it does cause the ordinary British citizen to despise the police and see them as appeasers who cannot be trusted.

Here’s the report from the Camden New Journal. As is usual policy for this blog the original text of the report is in italics whereas my comments are in plain text.

The Camden New Journal said:

WORSHIPPERS have described being subjected to a “religious hatred attack” in which two men allegedly threw pieces of bacon at them while they prayed at a mosque in Somers Town. 

Many of those who have been attacked by Muslims or have had their female relatives raped by Muslims could quite accurately describe what they’ve suffered as ‘religious hatred attacks’. However, the Police in these cases are often dismissive of and hostile to those who’ve been attacked.

Two men, described as wearing dark coloured uniforms, allegedly entered the Al Rahman Mosque and Community Centre in Crowndale Road on Sunday night and began placing pieces of pork – which is considered “haram” or forbidden in the Islamic faith – inside shoes left on a rack near the entrance. 

When confronted, the two men, who were both described as white, with short hair and beards, threw pieces of meat towards worshippers. 

At least it was only meat and not the bullets, shrapnel or knives that are so often the weapons that Muslims use to attack non-Muslims.

Helal Ahmed, who was praying at the mosque when the attack took place at around 7:30pm, told the New Journal: “Two people came inside, both were acting strange. I saw one person was filming, but I didn’t see what they were doing at this point. 

What they were wearing looked like police [uniforms], I thought they were police at first. They had black trousers and black jackets, like the heavy coats that police wear in winter.

When he saw me he threw a piece of pork meat, but luckily it dropped one-and-a-half feet [in front of me].”

What a lucky escape this Bearded Savage had from being ‘offended’. Note well that these Muslims were more worried about the presence of a bit of pork than considering just why their backward and violent ‘faith’ is so justifiably hated throughout many civilised nations.

The men fled the scene without saying a word, Mr Ahmed said, adding: “They opened the door and went. I switched on all the lights to see what happened. I looked at my shoe and they put some pieces of pork meat in another brother’s shoe. But he left it, I gave him a spare sandal. He can’t use that shoe, it’s not halal.”

To find a bit of pork in ones shoe is unpleasant but not life threatening. I think Ahmed is going a bit over the top on this. He could have picked the pork out with a disposable glove or a bit of toilet paper or something.

Describing his reaction to the attack, which another member of the mosque described as a “disgusting and heinous attack on a peaceful place”, Mr Ahmed said: “I couldn’t accept it. My throat is dry. I can’t even explain it. It’s kind of senseless.”

Oh the horror of pork, but more honestly, oh the unjustified hyperbole. I love the use of the word ‘heinous’ here. It’s used so inappropriately. The word ‘heinous’ should really be reserved for things like the Islamic Rape Gangs that have plagued any British town or city where there are Muslims, even places where there are only a relatively small number of Muslims. ‘Heinous’ should be the word used to describe the multiple violent attacks by Muslims on non Muslims that the continent has suffered and continues to suffer from.

He added: “It’s unbelievable. I’ve been going to the mosque for about eight years and it’s the first time this happened in this mosque.” 

If you Mr Ahmed are wondering why this ‘hambush’ has occurred now then maybe you should look at the gross and yes heinous way that Muslims have behaved in non-Muslim nations. Killing non Muslim people, maiming them and subjecting them to the most horrific trauma imaginable is the sort of thing that makes people quite rightly hate the base and disgusting ideology of Islam. Islam and the behaviour of all too many Muslims has caused a growing current of revulsion against it among normal people and it is a revulsion that is more than justifiable.

Mr Ahmed said the police, who arrived shortly after being called, had been “unbelievably helpful”. He said: “They cleaned up, took the pieces of meat. They spent all night here and even in the morning at 6 o clock they were still on guard.”

So now we have the situation where highly trained and relatively well remunerated police officers are debasing themselves by acting as cleaners and babysitters for these Muslims. If you are not disgusted by the actions of the police in this matter then you I’m afraid, are also part of the problem. I wonder how many burglary, robbery, sexual assault or other victims of crime were ignored in order that these police officers could play Mrs Mop for these whining permanently offended Bearded Savages? The behaviour of the police in this instance utterly disgusts me and shows quite plainly where the police’s priorities now lie. You should remember in the future that if you are attacked by a Muslim in the street or in your home and you call the police and they don’t arrive or behave in a tardy manner, then the reason is the available officers are probably too busy sweeping the floor of the local Mosque to bother with dealing with you.

Scotland Yard said two men were later arrested near the scene on suspicion of inciting racial hatred. 

It’s likely that these two men will be jailed for something that is mere foolishness and where there has been no lasting damage done. They’ve appeared in courts and been remanded in custody prior to sentence on November 1st 2016, partially because the Islam-appeasing state wants to make an example of these men and also because the State will refuse to protect them from the violent savages of Islam who will not doubt go looking for these too men seeking revenge/

A Met spokesman said: “Local officers remain in the area carrying out reassurance patrols.”

‘Reassurance patrols’, what a laughable crock of shit. Where are the reassurance patrols for those victimised by Islam? This case plainly shows that not only does Britain have a major problem with Islam and its often criminal and uncivilised followers, but also with police forces that are more than willing to debase themselves by appeasing the very same Muslims who want the rest of us dead or oppressed. The Muslims and the problems they have brought to the UK are bad enough, but the police have, because of a culture of political correctness, transmogrified themselves into worthless untrustworthy, Islam appeasing filth.

The police have demeaned themselves and have endangered many ordinary citizens by wasting so much time and resources over what is a relatively trivial crime. This is something that should anger people and prod them out of their complacency. We should also be saddened that the police forces that we pay for often consider appeasing Islam to be a priority and think the rest of us, including those victimised by the followers of Islam, should just FOAD.

The message of this case is quite plain and that if you are not Muslim, then you really cannot trust the British police any more.


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Update:  It appears that the officers who engaged in this blatant act of Islamic appeasement were from the Somers Town and St Pancras ‘Safer Neighbourhood Team’.  This team is the managerial responsibility of one Inspector Matthew Casey pictured below.  The web page for this Safer Neighbourhood Team is:

Inspector Matthew Casey who leads the St Pancras and Somers Town Safer Neighbourhood Team and who appears to have managerial responsibility for the officers who engaged in the cleaning and babysitting episode at the mosque

Inspector Matthew Casey who leads the St Pancras and Somers Town Safer Neighbourhood Team and who appears to have managerial responsibility for the officers who engaged in the cleaning and babysitting episode at the mosque

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  1. Why are the two accused in custody? Surely they should be out on bail?

    • Fahrenheit211 | October 8, 2016 at 7:27 pm |

      Although they pleaded guilty, in the great scheme of things this offence doesn’t, in my view, warrant remand in custody. One reason given for the remand in custody is the fear that Islamic savages will murder this pair if they are on the outside.

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