The Citizens UK organisation, an entity that is plainly not on the side of the average UK citizen. Part Two

Part Two. Part one can be accessed by clicking on this link

Citizens UK have not stopped at open borders agitation, although that is bad enough, Citizens UK including some senior staff members of theirs, have also provided political cover for some pretty extremist Muslims. In one case Neil Jameson the Executive Director of Citizens UK, along with other senior London Citizens management members, stepped up to defend Junaid Ahmed of the East London Mosque when Ahmed had been caught out in the press, most notably by the Jewish Chronicle as a supporter of terrorism.

The extremism linked East London Mosque

The extremism linked East London Mosque

The Jewish Chronicle said:

A community organising group, feted by politicians across the political spectrum for its grassroots activism, has defended its links to an Islamist hardliner who expressed his support for Hamas terrorist leaders.

London Citizens, currently on a recruitment drive in the Jewish community, models itself on the kind of “community organising” with which Barack Obama made his name in

David Cameron has embraced it as part of his “Big Society” agenda and Ed Miliband has said he wants Labour to use it as a model. The success of the organisation in the capital has led to the establishment of a national Citizens UK movement.

London Citizens this week issued a statement to the JC backing its deputy chair, Junaid Ahmed, despite statements he made at the height of Operation Cast Lead in support of Hamas fighters. Hamas is a proscribed terrorist organisation in the UK.

In a video filmed at an event in East London in January 2009, Gaza: The Martyrs Meadow, Mr Ahmed made a speech on the “heroes of Palestine”.

He was heard to say: “Every single resistance fighter is an example for all of us to follow. And every child that dies, we wish our children would be in that similar position who would wake up and realise the aggression that is taking place amongst the believers.” He goes on to pay tribute to a series of Hamas members as leaders of the resistance against Israel. They include Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the founder of Hamas, who was killed by the Israelis in 2004, and his successor as leader of the terrorist organisation, Khaled Meshaal.

He also celebrates Sheikh Ezzden al-Qassam, killed by the British in 1935, after whom Hamas’s military wing, the al-Qassam Brigades is named. The Qassam rockets, fired into Israel, are also named for him.

But London Citizens chair Paul O’Shea, principal of St Charles RC Sixth Form College, Ladbroke Grove, said he and his colleagues had studied the video at length and taken the view that Mr Ahmed “neither promotes or condones terrorism, nor expresses support for any proscribed organisation in what he said in that speech”.

The statement continued: “Furthermore, as a result of this investigation, Mr Ahmed has reaffirmed his commitment today to working for the common good using the tools of politics and negotiation.

“He has again clarified, to my satisfaction, that he did not and does not condone terrorism and that he has consistently condemned all acts of terror on every platform on which he has spoken. Mr Ahmed concludes his statement by saying, ‘ My commitment to working for the common good and my desire to build and foster strong and mutually respectful inter faith relationships is on the record for all to see’.”

Junaid Ahmed of Islamic Forum Europe

Junaid Ahmed of Islamic Forum Europe

Neil Jameson of Citizens UK (then London Citizens)

Neil Jameson of Citizens UK (then London Citizens)

Junaid Ahmed is a deeply unpleasant character, a supporter of Islamic extremism and a fan of the genocidal Muslim group Hamas. According to the Harry’s Place website, Junaid Ahmed as well as being involved with the extremism-linked East London Mosque, was at the time a trustee of London Citizens. In any normal organisation, someone like Junaid Ahmed would and should be considered as beyond the pale and kept as far from any position of influence as possible. Unfortunately Citizens UK (and at the time London Citizens) is not a normal group; it is a far Left entity with extremely relaxed views about cohabiting with dangerous Islamic extremists.

I recall at the time how when Junaid Ahmed had been caught out peddling his extremism, the whole organisation of London Citizens leapt to Ahmed’s defence. I remember acutely how London Citizens despatched representatives to various synagogues who had foolishly joined in with London Citizens, in order to placate concerns, often using excuses or diversionary tactics and comments, such as for member groups of London Citizens not to let this ‘minor’ incident get in the way of the ‘valuable social action’ that London Citizens was involved in. London Citizens staff and activists bullshitted their way round member groups, especially those synagogues and churches whose members had voiced concern about the probity of allowing a Hamas fan to occupy such a high profile position in London Citizens. I recall how one particular synagogue was promised an ‘apology tour’ visit from Junaid Ahmed but this not surprisingly never materialised as Ahmed complained that he was suffering from a bad stomach, something that at the time I called ‘bullshit’ on. To get an idea of just how close Citizens UK is with some pretty nasty Muslim extremists, I’d advise you to read the Harry’s Place piece of which a section has been copied below.

Harry’s Place said:

Neil Jameson is the founder of London Citizens, a “community alliance” of religious and social groups.

Junaid Ahmed is a deputy chair and a trustee of London Citizens, which lists him as a representative of the East London Mosque. He is also an activist and trustee for the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE). It is the Islamist group based in the mosque’s London Muslim Centre.

Junaid Ahmed is an ardent supporter of Hamas, as revealed last week. Here he hails Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas leader in Gaza, as “our leader” at a meeting in London in 2009. He went on to salute other Hamas leaders and fighters too as examples for Muslims to follow.

Neil Jameson distributed London Citizens’ response to the revelations. This line captures the denial at work in the face of video evidence:

Our Lead Organiser, Development Director, several colleagues and a Trustee have studied Mr Ahmed’s Speech at some length.

They take the clear view that he neither promotes or condones terrorism, nor expresses support for any proscribed organization in what he said in that Speech.

What Neil Jameson wants is the “common good”. Helping extremists with denial rhetoric is not the way to achieve it. Yet this is what he has done, repeatedly.

Harry’s Place then goes on to show videos of Jameson defending the East London Mosque to the far Left activist John Rees on the Islam Channel television station.

Harry’s Place added, with reference to a Channel 4 expose of activities at the mosque:

John Rees opens with this question:

When you heard the Dispatches programme, did you think that this was a fair programme that was raising a question of legitimate public concern? Or did you think that this was a picture that you really didn’t recognise?

Jameson jumps at the cue:

Absolutely the latter. We are proud of the East London Mosque. It was a founding member of the East London Communities Organisation in 1996, so I do speak with some authority and some relationship. We have been in relationship with the East London Mosque and more recently with Islamic Forum Europe.

Our experience with both organisations is they are straightforward, sensible, excellent at developing and nurturing young people in proper behaviour in a democracy. We have trained IFE members and East London Mosque members in how to organise in the way we do, which is we organise for the common good.

The East London Mosque is not “excellent”. It is a problem for London. It has a long record of hosting extremists, as this blog has documented.

Its own imam, Abdul Qayyum, is a signatory of the inflammatory pro-Hamas Istanbul Declaration. The mosque’s denial of this fact was contradicted at the time by the conference organisers’ own website, which listed the signatories, including Qayyum. Nor has the mosque explained why Qayyum was at a jihadi meeting in Turkey in the first place, with fellow signatories Daud Abdullah, a prominent Hamas supporter, Mohammed Sawalha, a Hamas operative, and Tunisian Islamist Rashid Ghannoushi for British-based company.

Furthermore, in a Friday sermon at the mosque during the Gaza war Qayyum said people who questioned Hamas for fighting and thought they should compromise were simply making “wrong comments”.

The story runs right up to this month, when the mosque welcomed several speakers who have supported the murderers of British troops on active service abroad. Those speakers included John Rees.

Never mind, Jameson didn’t want to know in March 2010, as he doesn’t now. This is how he continued in the Islam Channel interview with Rees:

So I thought the programme was mischievous. It implied stuff that doesn’t happen. And frankly it could put off cautious Muslims from participating in any form of politics.

A programme like that discourages people from getting involved in politics. In a way you can’t win. The more Muslims get involved in politics, they’re called separatists, effectively, or entryists. If they don’t get involved, they’re called sort of, you know, “staying in the ghetto”.

This misleading “damned if we do” talk was the IFE’s exact message at the time, and Jameson was on it virtually word for word.

You will see by the above articles, from Harry’s Place and the Jewish Chronicle, that Citizens UK has very little problem with hanging round with some of the most appalling Islamic extremists imaginable. There seems no Islamic rectum that Citizens UK will not crawl up in order to promote their causes. Citizens UK are also extremely effective at conning money out of government departments and grant making trusts in order to push their twisted politics. Citizens UK has managed to screw £50,000 out of the UK Cabinet Office in 2015 to ‘improve voter registration’ for ‘minority groups and others. Unsurprisingly one of the organisations that Citizens UK used for this project was a mosque in Nottingham and an ethnic minority and Muslim dominated community centre in Birmingham.

Here’s a press release from Citizens UK about a grant that many ordinary British citizens will see as a waste of £50k.

Citizens UK said:

Citizens UK, the national community organising charity, is pleased to announce that it has received a grant of £50,000 from the Cabinet Office to encourage more people to register to vote, with a particular focus on those groups who are under-represented on the electoral register, including students, other young people, and people from black and minority ethnic groups.

Neil Jameson, director, Citizens UK said:

We work with over 400 civic institutions across the UK including mosques, synagogues and churches. What unites our members is the belief that it is a privilege and a responsibility to be an active citizen, and that the vote is the starting point of a healthy democracy.

Today, on National Voter Registration Day, we have teams of community organisers and leaders engaging young people, explaining why voting is so important and helping them to understand the democratic process as a way of holding people in power to account. An integral part of this work is encouraging young people to register to vote.#

We will continue our work using this much welcomed funding ahead of the general election, and then in advance of the London Mayoral and Welsh Assembly elections.”

Citizens UK is one of seven third sector organisations, also including Mencap and Operation Black Vote, to be given a grant as part of a £2.5 million fund to encourage people to register to vote announced by Cabinet Office Minister Sam Gyimah.

The Minister said:

The right to vote has been hard-won, and it is the duty of everyone in public life, including the government, to make sure everyone who is eligible to vote is able to vote.

It is easier and quicker to register to vote than ever before and this funding will make sure we are out across society to get those less likely to be registered to sign up.”

Citizens UK voter registration events this week include sessions after Friday prayers at the Karimia Institute, Nottingham, student sign up sessions in Coulsdon College, Croydon and a community registration session at the Aspire & Succeed Centre, Birmingham.

Citizens UK associate organizer and Young Leader of the Year 2013, Ismael Musoke said:

As a first time voter myself, I am proud to be involved in the voter registration activities we are delivering across London and the rest of the UK.

It’s easy to think that politics has got nothing to do with young people, and it’s just for privileged elite. Working with Citizens UK proves that’s not the case and it’s up to us to come together as civil society and demand our place at the negotiating table with politicians and business leaders so we help shape a future. It means being an active citizen, and at the core of that is taking the opportunity to vote seriously. Registering is quick and easy but so important.”

When it comes to the electoral process, I believe that many people would have preferred to see £50k being spent on making the UK electoral system more honest and robust. I can’t help but wonder just how many more bent Muslim postal votes this £50k project will create? It’s odd isn’t it that Citizens UK appear to be much more interested in getting more Muslims to vote than they are in dealing with the massive problems of Islamic postal vote fraud in places like Tower Hamlets, a borough that is politically dominated by the East London Mosque, who provide the Hamas fanboys that Neil Jameson gushes about and defends. It’s almost as if Citizens UK are relaxed about voter fraud, provided that it’s Muslim voter fraud. If they cared about the honesty, probity and effectiveness of the UK voting system, they would be turning their attention to the inhabitants of their own backyard and speaking up about the appalling electoral abuses in Tower Hamlets, but they do not and this silence is extremely instructive. Citizens UK, and this voter registration project in particular, are so blatantly political that it makes me wonder how Citizens UK hang onto their charity registration, bearing in mind that political activity is a forbidden activity for charitable organisations? It does make me wonder if Citizens UK would be as equally enthusiastic about increasing the voter registration of those who are more likely to vote Conservative, as they are about increasing voter registration among the young and among minorities who are much more likely to vote Labour? My guess is that they would not be so gung-ho about that situation.

Police outside a polling station in Tower Hamlets in order to deter voters from being intimidated

Police outside a polling station in Tower Hamlets in order to deter voters from being intimidated

Citizens UK are one of those groups that ‘look fair but feel foul’ to use a phrase conjured up by J. R. R. Tolkein. They speak about the problems of poverty and crime and societal breakdown but nearly all their solutions are leftist ones. Their solution to poverty is for mandatory and legally enforced ‘living wages’, which end up becoming a maximum wage for many people. Their solution for crime is more touchy feely progressivism and their solution to the depredations brought to our islands by Islam is to import more Islam. Citizens UK are a dangerous anti-British fake charity, who have managed to get their feet under the governmental table even though many of Citizens UK’s policies are completely opposed to those which many Britons would prefer.

Citizens UK are a group that should be resisted by any peaceful means necessary. They need to be exposed for the leftist and Islamic shills that they truly are. Those who associate with them, and lend their names to Citizens UK-led projects such as Rabbi Janet Darley and the likes of Lord Alf Dubs mentioned above, need to be called out for their stupidity in associating with Citizens UK and their dodgy campaigns.

The politicians, such as David Cameron and Ed Miliband, who among others opened the doors of political influence to Citizens UK, also need to come in for heavy criticism. It is they who have allowed a small group of far left and Islamist activists a large amount of political influence beyond that which they deserve. Those politicians, both national and local, who have let Citizens UK pull on the levers of power, have not enhanced democracy but have degraded it. They have allowed a unrepresentative group of leftists and Islamists posing as a ‘community organising group’ to get grants and have input into policy making. This is a situation that should never ever have been allowed to happen. We should never have got to the situation where a dodgy group like Citizens UK could be involved in voter registration or setting Britain’s immigration policy or emotionally manipulating people into supporting causes that seem likely to end in tears for the average Briton. Decent politicians would have looked at Citizens UK’s associations with Islamic extremists and Leftists and told them to ‘go forth an multiply’. Sadly we in the UK have been cursed with politicians who will readily jump onto bandwagons, even when that bandwagon is being driven into hell by the likes of Citizens UK.


So now you know just how dodgy Citizens UK really is, the question is what can be done about them? Firstly people need to be aware of what Citizens UK are up to and to not let them in when they come knocking at the door of your church, synagogue or community group. Citizens UK may like to paint themselves as ‘the only game in town’ when it comes to social action but they are not. There are a whole host of community projects that a group can be involved in, which don’t involve you getting behind Citizens UK’s leftist and pro-Islam agenda. You can choose to turn Citizens UK away when they call. You can not let yourself get taken in by the ‘dog and pony shows’ that Citizens UK put on to reel in the gullible. You should be aware that Citizens UK are quite clever in using others who may be perceived as having ‘clean hands’ to front up their campaigns and that signing up with them, because you are concerned about poverty or injustice, also means signing up to Citizens UK’s leftist and pro-Islam agenda.

Citizens UK are an organisation that deserves to be run out of town by decent Britons at every opportunity. They are an organisation that says they are for every citizen but they are not. They are primarily a Leftist organisation with great sympathy for the sort of dodgy characters who come out of places like the East London Mosque. They have Hamas fans among their senior management and want to impose the sort of violent imported ambulant Islamic shite that have raped their way round Europe, into your town, city or village.

Citizens UK are an organisation that is not to be trusted, it is provably dishonest and should preferably be winkled out of the undeserved positions of power that they have created for themselves, with the connivance of the cynical, the stupid and the naïve. The policies espoused and promoted by Citizens UK are not ones that are creative or ones that bring people together but ones which are destructive. They aim to bypass the party political system, by using back-room influence over the representatives and elected members of a variety of political parties, which will mean that whatever party you vote for, you can be sure that Citizens UK will always have a say in that party’s policies. Citizens UK are dangerous entryists, who need to be exposed and resisted at every turn.

Take it from me, who has seen Citizens UK gain far too much influence in a religious organisation, Citizens UK are not your friends. They are an enemy of open debate and an enemy of honest discussion. If you let them in and let them gain control over your organisation’s senior management, then it’s highly unlikely that you, the ordinary community group member of church or synagogue-goer, will ever be able to get rid of them. Citizens UK will suck the life out of organisations as effectively as any parasite. They will leave behind a shell of an entity that does nothing more than parrot the platitudes and slogans of Citizens UK.

Citizens UK are not on your side, they’ve shown that most clearly by the actions of their management and by the campaigns that they choose to promote. As a result, all of us need to treat Citizens UK with a justifiable degree of suspicion and hostility.


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Citizens UK’s worrying closeness to the UK’s Liberal Judaism movement, which has become so entrenched that it’s become apparent that Citizens UK are calling the political shots now in Liberal Judaism. This situation is not only going to damage the image of Liberal Judaism among the general public but also it is going to contribute to the erroneous view among the general public that many British Jews are in favour of allowing in thousands of unwanted Islamic savages, something that in reality is not the case for most British Jews.

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