A Happy Thanksgiving to all this blog’s many American readers

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all this blog’s many readers in the USA.   Have as great day, enjoy your turkey dinner and the time with your families.  Also keep in your thoughts all those Americans who for whatever reason, incuding military service overseas, who may be unable to share the Thanksgiving with their families and friends.


As always I’d like to celebrate the long alliance between the UK and the USA and on a personal note, I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the Americans for that thing called ‘The First Amendment’.   That is what allows me and a great many others to speak freely.  I hope that one day other nations, including the UK,  places that are not so blessed with freedom of speech, bring in similar rights, so that Britons no longer have to fear that  voicing an opinon that some find ‘offensive’ will bring upon themselves harassment or imprisonment.  Americans, appreciate the rights that you have and which you won in hard fought battles (including in battles against the UK), cherish and defend these rights because as many in other nations have found out, such rights are easy for politicians to take away and very difficult to regain by the citizen or subject once they are gone.