Video – Check out this really sorted trans-woman

The You Tube commentator Blaire White


Like many others I have a bit of a problem with the aggressive lunatics of the transsexual and transgender movements. These activists bully people into using their preferred pronouns and sometimes kick off violently, as we’ve seen on American and Canadian college campuses when their ideas are challenged.

Worse still these activists have managed to infiltrate education systems and are pushing pro-trans propaganda on children in schools. This is very dangerous as children do not have the capability to make decisions about their bodies that are in some cases irreversible. I fully support the right of adults over the age of 21 (as by then puberty is finished in the majority of people) to take hormones or have surgery to approximate the gender that they perceive themselves to be. I support that right just as I support the right of individuals to speak freely on matters that concern them or make choices on what to do with their own body.

I’ve no problem at all with transsexuals and have had the pleasure to have counted many as friends, but transitioning even as an adult, is not for everyone. For some people it’s the way to go and for others it either doesn’t cure whatever is ailing them mentally, or it just brings much more sadness and depression. Gender reassignment should not be promoted as a way for people to deal with any internal sadnesses that they may have. This is because their problems may have little or nothing to do with their own body self image and the trans desires may be a symptom rather than the whole condition.

As I said earlier the gender lunatics who claim that there are 57 (or whatever the number is now) genders seem to have taken over the asylum but there is one particular transsexual commentator, a lady called Blaire White, that bucks this trend and speaks out against the excesses of the gender questioning community. Many readers of Fahrenheit211 will be aware of Ms White and her work but others may not be and for those who have not encountered her I’d advise giving her stuff a go.

I hope Ms White will not mind me saying this about her but she definitely appears to me to be in the ‘sensible transsexual’ camp and not part of the ‘out there’ gender blending lot who are causing so much trouble including making repeated attempts to shut up and shut down those question their views. Although Ms White doesn’t only talk about Trans issues and I don’t always agree 100% with her take on other issues but it’s her take on the Trans issues that interests me most of all at present. I’m especially in agreement with her when it comes to feeling disgust at the sort of pro-trans propaganda that is being aimed at children. Altering the appearance of ones gender is not something to be taken lightly and it should not be something that is promoted to children.

Here’s Ms Blaire White in a couple of her videos speaking about the horrific consequences of forcing children down the trans route and the moral bankruptcy of those who are creating and distributing this propaganda.