Vehicular Jihad hits Israel again. More deaths from more Islamic savagery

The aftermath of the latest act of Islamic savagery in Jerusalem.


Yet again there comes devastating news out of Israel. Four Israeli Defence Force soldiers have been murdered in the Israeli capital Jerusalem by an Arab Islamic savage in an act of vehicular Jihad. The Islamic savage aimed a flat-bed Mercedes lorry at the group of soldiers killing one male and three female soldiers. There were many others injured some seriously. I pray that those injured will recover and that the memories of those who have been so savagely murdered will be for a blessing.

These murders were not in any way related to any political aim they are a manifestation of the pure Islamic Jew-hatred that has not only murdered Jewish soldiers in Israel but has murdered Jews in Europe and elsewhere as well. It’s not fighting for ‘Palestine’ that caused this savage to murder in the way that he did it was the hatred for all that is not Islam that he like so many other Muslims in this world was probably fed with his mothers milk. As Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said following this latest Islamic atrocity:

This brutal attack is obviously not because of any other reason but one: Because we are Jews and we live here in Israel,” he said. “There was no other reason, and no need to look for an excuse – not Jewish settlements and negotiations, but an attack inspired by ISIS.”

Lieberman continued: “We saw that in France, we saw it in Berlin, and unfortunately, we saw it today in Jerusalem. We will fight this terrorism with all tools at our disposal, and I’m sure that will win.”

Mr Lieberman is correct, this attack wasn’t because of anything to do with any political reason, but solely because Islam and the Islamic thugs of ISIS hate Jews. It is possible to track the reason for this latest Islamic attack and it’s because of the hate filled ideology of Islam itself. Islam cannot co-exist peacefully and with mutual respect with other faiths, history has amply shown that. Islam, a belief system that fairly deserves the appellation ‘religion of hate’ cannot live in peace with Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Atheists and has a long record of oppressing peoples from these groups and in some cases subjecting them to genocide. However Islam has an especial animus against Jews for reasons that go right back to the invention of Islam by Mohammed and there’s no sign of that changing any time soon. Islam wiped out nearly all of the ancient Jewish communities that once existed in the Middle East and North Africa and the whole region, with the exception of Israel is in effect, Judenrein, or clear of Jews. Prior to that life for Jews under Muhammadans was precarious to say the least and for all the time that Muslims have controlled the MENA region, were subjected to horrific abuses and oppression.

This latest Islamic atrocity was nothing to do with conditions for Arabs on the West Bank or in Gaza it was Islamic Jew hatred pure and simple. What happened today was yet another indication of just how much Israel is on the front line in the global war between civilisation and Islamic savagery.

Although Israel is the front line in this war, those of us who live elsewhere should not be complacent or fall into the trap that front line will remain in far away countries like Israel of which many people know little. We should never forget that Islam is chock full of hatred not just for Jews but for just about anybody and anything else that can be declared ‘not Islam’. That includes members of other religions, sexual minorities, emancipated women, non-Muslim nations and even dogs. Today it was an attack against a group of young people, including soldiers getting off a bus near the Armon Hanatziv observation post, but tomorrow the attacks could be much more closer to home for many Britons. As I’ve often warned about before, the war between Islam and civilisation could quite easily come here and UK service personnel could be targeted in places like Catterick, Aldershot, Hereford, Bulford, Portsmouth or elsewhere. Hate filled Muslims, of which the UK unfortunately currently has a surfeit of, are also, just as in Israel, likely to attack civilian soft targets merely because those who are killed in such attacks are not Muslim. Islam kills it’s what it does and has nothing whatsoever to do with genuinely peaceful religions, it is an ideology that should be seen for what it truly is which is a dangerous political death cult which brings no discernible benefit to humanity whatsoever.

The battle against Islamic savagery that the Israelis have been fighting for so long is not just their battle, but a battle that all of us, no matter what our own belief system or nation, has an interest in, The savagery with which Islam prosecutes its war against the Jewish people and the Jewish state is the same savagery that Islam will bring to Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and secular states in the future.

I’m saddened to see yet more deaths in Israel caused by the savages of Islam but the death toll in both Israel and worldwide until Islam is dealt with in the same way that Nazi German was dealt with which is by the civilised nations, societies and cultures declaring total war on Islam.


Jerusalem Post article on the latest Islamic atrocity to hit Israel