Still think these mass rapes are ‘nothing to do with Islam’, then think again.

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We’ve recently seen at Sheffield Crown Court yet another lot of rapist Muslims given long sentences for sexually exploiting young girls in Rotherham. This case was sadly very similar to the others where Muslims have captured children, raped them and sometimes sold them on to other Muslim savages who then subjected the girls to more appalling abuse.

In this case six Muslim men were given prison terms of between ten and twenty years by Judge Sarah Wright for subjecting two under age girls to horrific abuse which ended up with one of the girls being made pregnant at 12 by one of the Muslim savages. This trial, the details of which are so similar to the dozens of others that have occurred in the UK since the police and courts started, because of public protest, to act against these savages. However this particular case is notable not just for the lengthy sentences or the bestial way that these Muslim savages behaved towards these girls, but for what happened at sentencing.

When these savages were sentenced some of the shouted out the Islamic war cry of ‘Allah hu Akbar’ , or ‘god is greatest’, which is the same phrase that we hear shouted by Islamic savages before suicide bombings, vehicular jihad attacks, shootings, car bombings and knifings. The shouting out of ‘Allah hu akbar’ by these savages in the context of a Muslim Rape Gang trial should bury forever the idea that these sex attacks and the Muslim gangs that carry them out are ‘nothing to do with Islam’. They are every damn thing to do with Islam. These savages have now shouted out ‘Allah hu akbar’ following these ‘rape jihad’ attacks, just as they do prior or during or after other types of jihad attack.

The reasons for these appalling attacks have nothing at all to do with the race of the offender or the fact that these savages are classified as ‘Asian’ and everything to do with the fact that Islam treats women as little more than property and treats non-Muslim women and children even worse than that. It’s Islam that created the mindset among these savages that they could take our children get them hooked on drugs, rape them, abuse them and sell them on to other perverted Islamic savages.

Islam’s attitude to women has everything to do with why these appalling crimes are constantly occurring and why Muslims are over-represented in gang rape crimes. Another reason why these crimes are intimately connected with Islam is that Islam has no real concept of any prohibition on paedophilia and for Muslim men 9, 10 or 11 year olds are not considered as forbidden sexual objects. We tend to forget that the reason why Muslim girls even tiny babies are required to wear hijab or other coverings is not ‘cultural’, or anything to do with modesty, it’s to protect these girls and babies from rape by Muslim men. In Islamic culture an uncovered woman or child is considered as fair game for Muslim men such is the sickness that is Islamic ‘morality’.

If you the reader are still under the misapprehension that the Islamic Rape Gangs are ‘nothing to do with Islam’ then you should think again. The uttering of the Islamic war cry by these savages in the court had little to do with the idea of someone calling out to their god in their hour of distress or at an hour of reckoning, but has everything to do with saying ‘f**k you’ to the judge, the court and to Britain’s moral values, values such as not raping children for instance. Shouting Allah hu Akbar has everything to do with Islam, just like these appalling rapes and child sex cases are intimately connected with Islam and Islamic theology and culture.

The courtroom ‘Allah hu Akbar’ cry has resonated around the world today and social media is full of this story and about the terrible crimes that these savages committed. This case, along with the courtroom disturbance at the end of it so clearly showed the connection between these crimes and the ideology of Islam, that even the inveterate liars of the Tell Mama organisation felt compelled to say something about it. According to a source with access to the Tell Mama Twitter timeline,(access I do not have as they’ve blocked me) the group made an effort to divert attention away from the fact that these are Islamic crimes, by approving of the sentence, as they quite rightly should, but not, it must be noted, making any attempt to acknowledge that these mass rapes of our children and young women is primarily a Muslim problem.

The shouting of ‘Allah hu Akbar’ following this latest Islamic Rape Gang case must be a profound embarrassment for the Tell Mama group, who’ve gone out of their way in the past to try to minimise the connection between the ideology of Islam and these terrible crimes. Tell Mama have said, in 2014, that opponents of Islam have ‘twisted the historical record’ to state that these sex crimes are linked with Islam. However, Tell Mama is an organisation whose output has often shown the barest and fleeting relationship with ‘the truth’ and are the very last people who should be commenting on the veracity of other people’s public statements.

In a seeming effort to make these crimes out to be nothing to do with Islam Tell Mama replied on Twitter in response to a Daily Express article on the latest Islamic Rape Gang case that was sent to them by a Tweeter by the handle of @Idislikelefties. Tell Mama said:

Such individuals deserve the long sentences given to them”

Well no shit Sherlock, of course they bloody deserve these sentences. TM’s comment is quite frankly a waste of electrons, which they could have put to better use by acknowledging that these terrible and ongoing sex crimes are not ‘nothing to do with Islam’, but everything to do with Islam.

I will not hold my breath waiting for groups such as these or their allies on the political Left to tell the truth that the driving force behind these mass rapes is Islamic theology, Islamic culture, Islamic supremacism and Islamic misogyny.

With regards to the epidemic of Islamic sex crime that Britain, along with other nations is suffering from, the time has long gone for being ‘culturally sensitive’ or ‘not upsetting the Muslims’ or blathering on about ‘community cohesion’. The time has now come for honesty from everyone about these offences and especially about the men that commit them and the Islamic ideology that gives these ‘men’ permission to rape our children.

Let’s tell this truth loud and clear, Islam has brought an epidemic of child rape here.

After the cry of ‘Allah hu Akbar’ was shouted in court let us be in no doubt whatsover about why these offences occurred, they happened because of Islam and we should be properly suspicious of those who say otherwise.

Britain has imported a true ‘rape culture’ onto our islands and that rape culture is Islam.

I hope this latest bunch of rapist paedo Islamic savages come up against paedo-hunters in prison and get what they truly deserve. However, I will not hope too hard as Muslims like these are all too often protected by the authorities in prison, just as they were protected for decades by police, social services, local councils, the Labour Party and many others who felt that appeasing Muslims was a better choice than protecting our own people and our own children from Muslim sex criminals.


Original Daily Express story about the latest crop of Islamic sex criminals

Tell Mama try to explain away anger at Islamic sex crime after one of the original Rotherham trials as ‘bigotry’ and ‘twisting the histoical record’.

More on Tell Mama and the vast amount of public money that the taxpayer gives them to whine about ‘Islamophobia’ and say ‘It’s nothing to do with us’ after each and every Islamic atrocity.

If you want to get some idea of the scale of Britain’s Islamic Rape Gang problem I’d advise people to get hold of and read Peter McLoughlin’s ‘Easy Meat’ which is a comprehensive and detailed study of the Muslim Rape Gang problem that afflicts the UK.

It can be obtained from Amazon via the link below

I’d also advise people to check out the counterjihad writer Kafircrusader whose website has a disturbing ‘Muslim Grooming and Paedo’ map showing just how many towns and cities have been affected by these perverted Muslim gangs.

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  1. Readers might want to view the report into Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council…

    The Alexis Jay Report makes for horrific reading…

    There is reference to a conservative estimate of at least 1400 children in Rotherham alone, this is just ONE city, in ONE county in the UK.

    Government Home Affairs Committee reported at paragraph 16….

    16. The interim report provides the clearest indication of the scale of child sexual exploitation. However, the Deputy Children’s Commissioner has emphasised that, due to a lack of response for requests for data from several local authorities and agencies, the estimate that 16,500 children were at risk of child sexual exploitation during one year, and 2,409 children were confirmed as victims of sexual exploitation in gangs and groups during the 14-month period from August 2010 to October 2011, needs to be reinforced by robust data gathering and may well turn out to be an understatement.

    With 16,500 being “at risk of sexual exploitation” in just ONE year….

    What are the true figures for HISTORIC sexual exploitation of UK children…?

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