From Elsewhere: Labour, the party where the lunatics now run the asylum

'Corbyn the Destroyer' We can but hope


Nick Cohen is one of those people who although I may not agree with on matters of politics, does speak a lot of sense when it comes to detailing the dire effects of the far Left on Western societies. In this article originally published in the Observer newspaper in the UK, Mr Cohen tells Labour members and activists that they were warned about the lunacy of electing Jeremy Corbyn as leader and the party will pay the price for that.

I say bring it on. Bring on the destruction of the Labour Party and let’s have, as its replacement as Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, a party or a coalition of parties made up of patriots and not the sort of ‘metro-Left’ quislings that the Labour Party has become. I’ve lived in several Labour areas and am intimately familiar with how Labour and its policies have destroyed areas such as Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Barking and Dagenham and now Redbridge. Labour policies have turned these areas from relatively happy ordinary religiously and racially mixed areas of hard working people, into hostile ‘Islam zones’ where the party takes more notice of Islamic communal demands than they do of any other consideration. I will say this: You would not want to be a non-Muslim in any area of the UK, such as those mentioned, where Islam calls the shots.

Mr Cohen is a man of the moderate Left and as such he appears to despair about what has become of the Labour Party. It was once the party of choice for working people, the party that could be almost guaranteed to stand up for those who strived but got a bad deal out of life. Not any more. Today’s Labour Party is the party of the Islamic no-go zone, of the academic Leftist whose ideas should have been left in academia and the party of hatred for the UK, it’s history, culture and people. This article is a plea for the Labour party to come to its senses but I doubt very much that those in charge of Labour today will listen to. In my view Labour is finished. It’s only the Muslims, over paid public sector management workers and the dwindling number of fools who vote Labour because their grandfather did,that keeps the party in existence. I don’t think in all good conscience I could bring myself to vote Labour again even though I did in the past. Labour have become the very opposite of the party for British workers and this trend has become even stronger since Corbyn took over as leader. My view is Labour deserve Corbyn as they deserve to be destroyed because of the significant level of damage their policies have done to the United Kingdom.

Here’s some excerpts from Mr Cohen’s article from the Observer. He disputes the idea that Labour can win an early election and says that Labour’s chances are bleak if an election was called.

Nick Cohen said:

On current polling, Labour will get around a quarter of the vote. Imagine, though, how the Labour party will fare in an election campaign when its leaders are Corbyn, John McDonnell, Emily Thornberry and Diane Abbott, and its second XI consists of Clive Lewis, Angela Rayner, Richard Burgon and Rebecca Long-Bailey. The Tories have gone easy on Corbyn and his comrades to date for the transparently obvious reason that they want to keep them in charge of Labour.

In an election, they would tear them to pieces. They will expose the far left’s record of excusing the imperialism of Vladimir Putin’s gangster state , the oppressors of women and murderers of gays in Iran, the IRA, and every variety of inquisitorial and homicidal Islamist movement, while presenting itself with hypocritical piety as a moral force. Will there be 150, 125, 100 Labour MPs by the end of the flaying? My advice is to think of a number then halve it.

Mr Cohen is in my view correct in his assumptions. The Labour leadership team is made up of a whole load of people who sensible people would think twice about trusting. Personally I would not trust any of them to sit the correct way round on a toilet let alone run the nation. An election would in reality be an opportunity for all the dirt, and there is a considerable amount, linked to Labour to be both flung and it would stick. Individual people, as well as political parties such as the Conservatives, would throw at Labour a long list of their crimes such as their economic incompetence, their failure to properly defend Britain militarily, their disastrous immigration and multicultrualist policies and the party’s surrender to Islam.

Mr Cohen added:

One senior Labour figure told me he thought Corbyn was endangering British democracy. It depends on the opposition being a government-in-waiting. Labour looks now as if it will never be in government again. The 60% of the population who do not want Conservative rule are faced with Conservative rule without end, with the only pressure for change coming from an ever-more audacious right.

Read the whole of this excellent article here:

Again I agree. For a democracy to function properly there needs to be a credible opposition to the governing party. Labour are not that party. I also agree with Mr Cohen that Labour’s ability to be a positive change agent is all but gone. Neither Labour nor the broader Left can honestly say that they are on the side of ordinary people when many of them have supported policies that have made ordinary people’s lives worse. Many of us look at the crappy areas and situations that Labour have created and say ‘no more’.

I concur with Mr Cohen when he says that the real pressure for change is coming from the Right but unlike Mr Cohen I don’t see that as altogether a bad thing. This is because the Left has had many years in which to try out its ideas and its policies and the Left has failed dismally to do anything other than destroy cultures, institutions and nations. Since 1945, in the United Kingdom, 9 out of 19 governments have been Labour governments and even when they’ve been out of office they’ve still had political and social influence. For example: The welfare state, a monolithic National Health Service and mass migration, all Labour supported policies, have been continued by Tory governments with no major reform. Whether you vote Labour or Tory you will still end up getting some element of Leftism in policy, often because of the ‘perma-government’ of a Left leaning Civil Service. I cannot for example forget how attempts by the Thatcher government to reform and reinvigorate British education was stymied time and time again by the civil servants and education advisers attached to the Department of Education. By closing down attempts to make education better the Left and Labour ruined the life chances of hundreds of thousands of children and socially impoverished the nation.

Labour may at one time have been a valuable voice for the working person in Parliament but over recent decades it has become a voice for those who hate the British working classes and for that they deserve to be electorally punished. Labour no longer represent me or my family. Labour represent the Muslim separatist, the bullying council worker, the local authority that financially gouges those who have to drive for work; it also represents the censorious thugs who demand that you give up your right to speak freely and use Labour designed legislation to do just that.

Labour deserve to die and although I share Mr Cohen’s despair at what the Labour Party has become I can’t help thinking that Labour should die as quickly as possible before it does even more damage than it has done already.