Surprise surprise, or rather not in this case. Paris attacker turns out to be a Muslim


Those desperately hoping that the violent thug who on Saturday 18th March 2017,shot a policewoman in the head and then attempted to attack Paris’s Orly Airport, would be anything other than a Muslim, have yet again been sorely disappointed. The vain dreams of some Leftists that this attacker would be a rogue Methodist or a far right Jew have been shattered. Yes, this savage is a Muslim savage and is yet another nail in the coffin for the lie that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’.

This particular Islamic savage has been named by the UK Daily Express as Ziyed Ben Belgacem a man with a long criminal record and who apparently became ‘radicalised’, or as I prefer to put it ‘went full Islam’ whilst serving a prison sentence.

Ziyed Ben Belgacem the Islamic savage who was killed attempting a terror attack on Saturday 18th March 2017

The Daily Express has covered this story a section of which is excerpted below in italics with this blog’s comments in plain text. The Daily Express said:

Paris Orly airport was placed on lockdown after the suspect was shot dead inside the terminal after following an attack on three police officers earlier in the day.

A French official connected to the investigation confirmed the attacker’s identity, adding he was a 39-year-old French-born national.

Reports suggested he was a serial offender with 44 offences on his criminal record – his most recent being for armed robbery.

The police source initially said the man was a radicalised Muslim who was known to the authorities.

However, later the French Interior Ministry confirmed the man was on a crime watchlist, not a terror watchlist.

Sounds very much to me like the French Interior Ministry is trying to downplay this savages associations with radical Islam?

According to the Paris prosecutor’s office, he had previously been on the authorities’ radar for suspected Islamic extremism.

In that case the question needs to be asked if he was once on the authorities radar for Islamic extremism then why on earth was he taken off that radar? After all, it’s hardly likely that those immersed in the hateful world of fundamentalist Islam are likely to have a voluntary change of heart is it? The number of people who have become involved in the world of Islamic radicalism and who have turned around and rejected it appears to be very small, therefore it should not have been assumed by the French authorities that this savage was no longer a problem, if that is what has happened.

That was despite his home being one of many searched in the days after the 2015 Paris suicide attacks which saw 130 people killed.

There must have been some intelligence that led the French police to search his home following the Paris attacks? If so it suggests that this savage may also have been one of those at risk of committing terror offences or who was suspected of supporting those who commit such offences?

The Daily Express added:

Judicial sources say his father and brother have been arrested by police.

It would not surprise me one bit to find out later that the family of this savage are involved in some way in Islamic extremism.

Police sources say the suspect text his father and brother after the first shooting, saying: “I did a bullsh*t, I shot at the police”.

The family are French citizens of Tunisian descent, and believed to be living on a council-run estate in Garges-lès-Gonesse.

I wonder how many of this family actually work for a living as opposed to living off the French welfare state? I would be unsurprised to find that they are all or mostly dole bludgers of some form or another. I’m afraid that North African Muslims haven’t exactly on the whole been a contributory gain for the French nation. Worse, they and their culture appear to me from my viewpoint to be a major cause of the problems that beset France at the moment.

The suspect was described by police sources as a drug-taking serial offender who had spent around 15 years of his life in prison.

Another Muslim ‘asset’ to civilised societies. It seems that the only thing that Islamic societies are good at is producing violent criminals. This savage has brought nothing good to French society, nothing at all. Other cultures, including minority cultures become known for hard work or respect for education or military prowess but the Islamic culture doesn’t seem to produce those with these admirable qualities, instead it produces a large number of unemployable arrogant thugs.

He was most recently released from the Fresnes Prison, in the southern suburbs of Paris in November, and was wanted by police for breaking his bail conditions.

A brief look at this man’s record should have told the prison authorities that this savage was unfit for release. I’m not at all surprised that he broke bail conditions.

Sources also claim the suspect suffered from severe psychological issues, having expressed suicidal thoughts in the past.

I think that the word to describe this savages ‘severe psychological issues’ would be ‘Islam’. It’s less likely to be a chemical imbalance in the brain that caused this savage to do what he did, it’s more likely to be the ideology of Islam that has warped this savages mind and turned him into a killer.

Although I was not surprised by the fact that this savage was an Islamic savage, one thing did surprise me this morning was to find Sky News not concentrating on the ‘mental health’ line and actually reporting that the savage ‘made a speech about Allah’. It makes a change to see this outlet reporting these sort of incidents with a tad more accuracy than they have done in the past. In the past they may have talked up the ‘mental illness’ line when discussing motivation but this time they have not. Maybe this is an indication that the mainstream media has learned that the ‘mental health’ lie trotted out by the authorities after these attacks is just not believable any more.

Here’s what Sky said in their report of 05:26 GMT 19th March 2017.

A radicalised Muslim on a crime watchlist shot a policewoman in the head at a road check before attacking a soldier at a Paris airport.

The gunman shouted: “I am here to die for Allah – there will be deaths”, before attempting to gun people down at Orly airport.

Sky News added:

In the airport terminal the attacker assaulted a patrol of three counter-terrorism soldiers, making the statement about Allah.

It’s refreshing to see Sky be relatively honest about this incident and publicly state that this savage was driven to his offence and his death, not by mental issues but by adherence to Islamic ideology.

The people of Paris are very very lucky that this savage was neutralised so soon. If he had succeeded in his aims he could have killed and injured dozens. However, it must be remembered that this particular violent savage is just one out of thousands upon thousands of extremist Muslims that successive French governments have ignored for all too many years. One violent savage Islamic ideologue is dead but there will be many more brainwashed enough to take his place. France needs to get a grip on the violent Islamic culture that it has allowed to fester in its country, if they do not then surely civil war will be the ultimate outcome of not tackling these Islamic problems today?