‘We’re ignorant but we don’t know we’re ignorant’. One Saudi cleric’s view of the Arab world.


I’m greatly indebted to Claymore316 a user of the minds.com social media platform for bringing this video to my attention. This is because this video contains a refreshing bout of honesty from the Islamic world about the state of the Islamic world.

In the video the cleric, Ibrahim Al-Buleihi, a Saudi Shura council member, speaking in 2012 or thereabouts, speaks of how the Arabs do know percieve just how backward their societies are when compared to the West. He said that nearly everything that the modern Arab uses, especially technology and medicine has come from the Western world. The Arab Islamic world has contributed very little, apart from some mathematics, in return.

This is a window on the Arab mind and should give viewers some idea of just how alien and backward Islamic societies truly are when compared to those free countries that we inhabit.

Here’s the video which I found very illuminating and I hope you do too.