Germany’s imported Muslim Jew-hatred

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Following the end of World War II the ethnic Germans were forced by the victorious wartime Allies to confront Germany’s aggressive and murderous past. This they did. The German people and its new democratic government created an advanced free society, one in which it was unlikely that another bunch of governmental criminals could come to power and engage in the mass murder of Jews ever again. Berlin, a city that had once been tainted by the Third Reich, became a modern liberally minded city and one where all religions were accepted. Germany changed in such a radical and positive way between the end of World War II and the end of the 20th century, that the Jewish community to a certain extent, rebuilt and Jews, many from what was once the Eastern Bloc, moved to Germany and thrived in peace and safety. Once again Germany became a centre, as it was prior to the rise of Adolf Hitler, for Jewish life, thought and literature.

Well up to a point. The point in question being the government of Germany’s dangerous and despicable decision to open the nation’s borders to the residents of the Islamic world. This action has made Germans and especially Jewish Germans incredibly unsafe. The spectre of anti-Semitism again stalks the streets of German cities, including Berlin, but this time it is not being perpetrated by brown shirted Nazi thugs, but by the Jew-hating Muslim thugs that Germany has so foolishly imported.

Things are getting really bad for Jews in Germany according to press reports and other information that is coming to me. Jews have in recent years been advised by religious leaders not to be ‘visibly Jewish’ on the street and attacks are taking place even in the schools of Germany’s capital. This worsening situation is coming about not by any ‘fault’ within the ethnic German’s themselves but because their government has behaved an appallingly naïve manner by opening Germany’s borders to a cohort of people who follow an ideology that has at it’s heart the admonition to ‘kill the Jews’.

Here’s a report taken from the Pamela Geller website which was in turn taken from Britain’s Jewish Chronicle. As is usual policy for this blog the original text is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

Ms Geller said:

The story about the teenager, which originally ran in the UK newspaper “The Jewish Chronicle,” featured in the weekend editions of many German newspapers as well as the online edition of respected news magazine “Der Spiegel.”

The “Chronicle” reported that 14-year-old “Phillip” (not his real name) transferred from the Gemeinschaftschule in the Friedenau district of Berlin to another school after suffering anti-Semitic abuse. The teenager was subjected to verbal harassment after revealing he was Jewish. He was also grabbed and threatened with a realistic-looking pistol that later turned out to be fake.

‘Phillip’ probably had no idea at the time that the pistol was fake. What’s notable about this particular case is that nothing meaningful seems to have been done to any of the perpetrators of this bullying. The headteacher mentions later on this piece that the perpetrators will face ‘consequences’ but I doubt they will.

Listen, you are a cool dude but I can’t be friends with you,” the newspaper quoted one of his former classmates as saying. “Jews are all murderers.”

Sounds to me like the Muslims in the school are running some sort of peer group protection racket where people are excluded from the group if they consort with Jews.

The mother of “Phillip” decided to send him to another high school. The teenager himself is shocked by what happened to him.

It was terrible, but I didn’t have time to think what’s happening at the time,” “Phillip” told “The Jewish Chronicle.” “Now when I look back, I think, oh my God.”

The newspaper wrote that the case “illustrates long history of antisemitic (sic) harassment of Jewish pupils, particularly by Arab and Turkish children.”

It does indeed look like Muslim anti-Semitism and this is exactly what many of us have warned about. It’s becoming plain to many of us that if a nation imports Islam, it also imports the deep rooted Jew hatred of Islamic theology and culture.

The first incidence of anti-SemitismIronically, the school in question participates in the pro-tolerance initiative “Schools Without Racism – Schools With Courage.” Members pledge to abide by principles of multicultural and interfaith respect, a message that seems not have gotten through to some of “Phillip’s” classmates.

What a bloody laugh. Mutual respect only really works when it’s, well, ‘mutual’. How can you respect an ideology like Islam that wishes you dead and repeats that message across their sacred books and across history? Multiculturalism cannot work with Islam in the mix and many nations are finding this out the hard way.

In a written statement on the school’s website, the school directorship said it was distressed by the incident.

Yeah, right. Excuse me whilst I vomit at the sight of yet more bland diverting bureaucratic language being expressed by public servants. Stop being ‘distressed’ and do something against the Islamic savages that have brought Islamic Jew-hatred to your school.

Firstly we’d like to express our regret and horror that a student was forced to experience anti-Semitism in his everyday school life,” the statement read. “We are losing an especially active and high-achieving student who chose our school with joy and saw it as an opportunity to further his development.”

Well maybe if the school had dealt with the attackers the student would not have had to leave?

The school said that after the first incident was reported, it had invited “Phillip’s” grandparents, who witnessed the Holocaust, to talk to his class. The statement added that the school was seeking help from the pro-tolerance Salaam-Shalom initiative and the city government.

This sort of thing is well-meaning but only really works when there is a mutual common ground of civilisation to stand on. Such projects and actions, including looking at the horrors of the past in this way, may work with a Christian or a secular person rather more than it would work with a Muslim. This is because Christians, secular people, Jews and anybody steeped in Judaeo-Christian culture has the same moral repugnance of doing to others that which would be hateful to be done to oneself. We can put ourselves in another’s shoes and feel horror and indeed shame about our actions and amend them accordingly. This is not the case with the followers of Islam. They are brought up to believe that Islam is superior, that Jews are the enemy and that the world is sharply divided between ‘the believers’ and ‘the kufar’. Appeals to morality, appeals to history and appeals to empathy are lost on those whose ideology can be summed up in the words ‘kill the kufar and make the whole world Islamic’.

The school said that it was reporting the students who tormented “Phillip” to the police and that this was the first time it had been confronted with anti-Semitism.

I sense arse covering here. Was this the first time that this has occurred or is it merely the first time that the head has had it brought to his attention or acknowledged it?

School principal Uwe Runkel said he was sorry that “Phillip” had left.

After the first incident, we addressed it,” Runkel told Berlin’s “Tagesspiegel” newspaper. “Now unfortunately we no longer have the chance to convince the boy that he’s safe here. But we’ll continue to address this issue, and the perpetrators will face consequences.”

Maybe if the school had properly ‘addressed the issue’ in the first place then the student would not have left? No amount of convincing would get me to send my child back to a school where Muslim Jew haters seem to have been given a long term free ride, which is something that appears likely bearing in mind how effective the peer group pressure seems to have been on other students.

So is this an isolated incident of bullying carried out by historically ignorant youths? Or is anti-Semitism a widespread problem in Berlin schools with a high percentage of students from Muslim backgrounds?

I think the latter. Although some on the Left may be tempted to blame what they refer to as the ‘far right’ as being part of the resurgent Jew hatred in Germany, it’s plainly not the case. The active Jew hating ‘far right’ in Germany is pretty small beer from what I can gather. Therefore it is much more probable that the sort of anti-Semitism that has been seen in this boy’s first school, which the Jewish Chronicle said was one that had a large number of Muslim students.

I had to sigh when I read the JC article about the interfaith group who seem to be little more than the equivalent of a sticking plaster on a major stab wound.

The Jewish Chronicle said:

There are several organisations in Berlin that work with schools in an effort to combat antisemitism and xenophobia, including the Kreuzberg Initiative Against Antisemitism and the Salaam-Schalom initiative, a loose group of volunteers.

A co-founder of the latter group, Armin Langer, said his group “always sends a Jewish and a Muslim member to the classes. If there is a case of antisemitism, we recommend to get in touch with local Jewish groups and invite them over. Breaking the walls begins with personal encounters,” he said.

Worthless utterly worthless. Do they really expect to be able to undo 1400 years of ingrained Islamic Jew-hatred with patronising slogans such as ‘breaking the walls’ or getting a Jewish visitor to come to the school about Judaism? If the do they are damned fools.

According to the Jewish Chronicle the problem with Islamic Jew hate in Berlin’s schools is huge and Jewish parents are removing their children from state schools and putting them in Jewish schools primarily for reasons of safety.

The Jewish Chronicle said:

Berlin’s Jewish high school receives between six and 10 applications a year from parents who want to move their children away from schools where they are being subjected to antisemitic harassment, said Aaron Eckstaedt, principal of the Moses Mendelssohn Jewish High School in Berlin.

The requests generally are “in reaction to antisemitic statements coming overwhelmingly from Arabic or Turkish classmates,” he said, adding that “in most cases, the families complain about the relative lack of response from state schools” to the problem.

So there you have it. Concrete evidence that Merkel’s Muslims are bringing the disgusting culture of Islamic anti-Semitism to a nation that had worked hard to bury their own anti-Semitic demons of the past.

The ironic thing about this particular case is that the parents of the boy mentioned in the above story who appeared to have had a successful experience in the United Kingdom with schools that are mixed in religious nature. They chose this school partially because it did have a multicultural student body. Unfortunately this young boy has had to pay the price for this naïve view held by his parents.

Things do not look good for Germany or for Germans, whether those Germans be Jewish, Catholic, protestant or atheist. The Germans need to realise that they are in danger and they are in danger from an imported violent ideology. Although today the imported Muslims are concentrating their massive reserves of hatred towards Jews, tomorrow they will target every German, no matter who they are or what deity, if any they follow.

Both the German government and the German Jewish religious establishment need to wake up and smell the coffee over what is happening to Germany. Both these entities need to recognise the facts that Islam is causing Germany problems. The situation cannot be contained or ameliorated by high sounding words about ‘cohesion’ or ‘tolerance’, as the problem has gone beyond the point when such tactics may have worked. The longer that the hate-filled ideology of Islam is left without being properly countered, the worse the situation will become for every German. This is not the time for patronising ‘interfaith’ activities or do gooding attempts to divert Muslims from ‘extremism’ with de-radicalisation programmes etc, it’s time to be honest about the problem and for the German state to deal with it, harshly and effectively if necessary. We all face an ideology in the form of Islam that has hatred running through it like a town’s name runs through a stick of seaside rock. Because of that we must be realistic enough to understand that such ideologies cannot be fought with expressions of ‘love’ or by appeasing Islam’s adherents, but only by enmity towards an ideology that has plainly told us all that it wants the non-Muslim world dead or enslaved.



Pamela Geller story about Berlin school Jew hatred

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  1. Philip Copson | April 5, 2017 at 3:38 pm |

    The German government aren’t “appallingly naive”; this and every other problem that mass Third World migration has brought to the West, was entirely foreseeable and must have been foreseen by many.
    In an age when not even a simple school-trip can be organised without carrying out a “risk assessment”, how could this amoral experiment in creating the largest cultural shift in the whole history of the world, ever have been allowed to happen ?
    Would anyone on their right mind take in a lodger without checking references ?
    At best, the German government of Europe is appallingly irresponsible, their insistence on the continuation of this disastrous course and on inflicting it on the rest of Europe proves that they are appalling cynical, and at worst they remain appalling anti-Semites who intended this to happen.

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