‘Refugees Welcome’ activists are complicit in murder.


The news that the recent Jihad by truck attack that took place in Stockholm, Sweden was carried out by a failed asylum seeker, should cause those who have supported the ‘refugees welcome’ movement to engage in some sort of introspection about their campaign. The attack in Stockholm,which claimed the lives of four people including a British man, 41 year old Chris Bevington, should make those who have supported the policy of bringing to the West alleged refugees think carefully about whether they have done or are doing the right thing. When you look at the number of murders, rapes, property crime and jihad attacks that can be laid at the door of the alleged refugees, then it doesn’t look anything like the morally right thing to do to bring into our homes those who will harm us.

To be quite frank and indeed brutal with my words, the ‘refugees welcome’ campaigners are complicit in murder. In fact they are complicit in every murder committed by those who the campaigners have directly assisted to come to the West, or those bent on Jihad who have taken advantage of the sort of lax border controls and welcoming demeanour that the ‘refugees welcome’ activists wanted and also presented. ‘Refugees welcome’ campaigners, both as individuals and groups, have fed, watered and advocated for those who are bringing a whole host of trouble to Europe.

The ‘refugees welcome’ activists cloak themselves in a carapace of morality and of humanitarianism and say ‘we must relieve this suffering’ but the manner that they’ve chosen to do this is to bring to Europe a large number of people who are causing the rest of us to suffer. How moral is it to impose suffering on others merely in order for an individual pro-refugee activist can feel emotionally rewarded by doing what they see as good works. These activists have, in the words of a man or series of men, writing under the name of Isaiah about 2,600 years ago, chosen to ‘call good evil and evil good’. These activists may think their motivations and actions are pure but they are having disastrous consequences. That, at least to me makes it seem as if they are doing bad whilst believing they are doing good.

Those who have said ‘refugees welcome’, those who work for organisations that call for the entry of dubious alleged refugees, those who have slapped down critics of their actions with empty insults and those who have donated money or goods to these refugee organisations, they all need to consider themselves guilty. They are all complicit in the crimes that have been committed by the people that they’ve worked so hard to import.

I concede that the desire to do good comes from a good place, often some would say a Divine place, but goodness needs to be tempered with knowledge and common sense. Neither knowledge or common sense has I discern, played any great part in the ‘refugees welcome’ movement. It is and has been a purely emotionally driven and emotionalist campaign with no consideration given to any one or anything else, except for the alleged refugees that the activists have cleaved to. Like a bank robber who doesn’t care whether he kills cops, bank staff or random passers-by, provided that he gets away with the loot, the ‘refugees welcome’ movement doesn’t seem to care about effects of their campaign. They don’t seem to see or care about the dead bodies that are piling up, the weeping rape victims or the shattered communities, that have been the result of importing dangerous people from dangerous cultures into Europe. That they don’t recognise the negative effects of what they’ve done makes me wonder just how wonky is the moral compass possessed by those in the ‘refugees welcome’ movement?

Those involved in the ‘refugees welcome’ movement are partially guilty for all the crimes and terror attacks that the objects of their charity and pity have committed. Guilt must also lie on the activists who have pushed the ‘refugees welcome’ narrative, have assisted these people into European nations and have often lied, smeared opponents and even manipulated the historical record regarding genuine refugees of the past, in order to do so.

The ‘refugees welcome’ movement has brought some European nations to the brink of disaster with their policies and it’s more often than not the ordinary citizen of these nations that suffer the crime and violence brought to their areas by the alleged refugees. This suffering of ordinary people at the hands of these alleged refugees is a suffering that the activists who whine so loudly about Syria and similar places, nearly always fail to see or comprehend.

The ‘refugees welcome’ activists should be seen for what they are and that is naïve enablers of those who wish us harm. They don’t face nearly enough public opprobrium for the way that they’ve dumped the worst of the worst of people onto Europe’s struggling poor and helped to turn whole towns into hostile violent no go zones. Once safe but poor areas are now often ones where the original inhabitants now cower in fear. It’s time that the lack of challenge to the naïve ‘let ’em all in’ narrative stopped. We should start by calling these ‘refugees welcome’ groups and activists by their proper name and that name is ‘importers of murder, rape and terror’.

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  1. What amazes me truly is that most of those that carry “welcome” signs are young girls/ wimin and quite often there are “rainbow ” flags there too. Those signs might as well read “come rape me” and the flag carriers should be aware of the fact that they better learn to fly, from high buildings.
    I have spoken to some of those “welcomers” and rather than having any knowledge about what is really going on they are TOTALLY ignorant of the true facts and even refuse to accept solid evidence that proves them wrong. But, they think it’s “cool” to be seen as righteous “humanitarians”.
    All this just shows how brain dead those people are.

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