It’s British General Election time!


So that’s a turn up for the book isn’t it? A snap election on June the eighth and a potential end to the Fixed Term Parliaments Act brought in by the Tory/Lib Dem Coalition government. I can understand why the Prime Minister Theresa May has acted like this as because she’s riding relatively high in the polls and it’s a good time to take advantage of that lead. If the Conservatives win then it will also be a better mandate for Mrs May to go into Brexit negotiations with.

There’s still a lot of uncertainty about the immediate future as Parliament has to approve the election call by a two thirds majority, but if the House of Commons says yes to Mrs May’s election plan then the poll fight starts in earnest the day after. If all goes well for Mrs May tomorrow then it’s going to be a very interesting election. Mrs May’s own approval rating is quite high, according to data published on the Political Betting website and published in January 2017 which shows that 47% of voters approved of Mrs May whereas only 14% approve of Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn’s polling figures are, according to Dan Hodges, less than the number of those who believe in woo-woo rubbish like ghosts, telepathy and angels. It really does seem to be the case that you don’t have to be a gullible fraggle to believe in Jeremy Corbyn, but it really does help.

There’s probably a lot of other considerations apart from polling figures that have influenced Mrs May and the election expenses scandal that threatens to engulf some Tory MP’s and which could force tricky by-elections, may be one of those issues. Future economic troubles and a readjustment for business from being focused towards the failing EU and to being more outward looking may also be a factor in Mrs May’s decision.

As for my own hopes, as much as I dislike and distrust Mrs May on a number of issues, especially the issue of Islam, she’s the best of a very bad bunch. UKIP are not in any serious position to form a government, or even become challengers to the government in Parliament, no matter how much I would wish them to do so. Labour are foul and would ruin the country possibly in a terminal way from which it would never recover. If you want to know what a Labour government would be like go and stay in one of the ‘sharia shitholes’ or economically decimated areas that Labour run and imagine the whole country being run like that. What I’m picking up from speaking to people is that apart from a large tranche of public sector workers and Muslims, Labour’s support from ordinary patriotic Britons is slipping away.

Although I will try to vote for UKIP, as this is the party that represents most clearly my own political views, I will vote Conservative if this is the best way to keep Labour away. Labour would wreck what little they haven’t wrecked already and would be an utter disaster for anybody who believes in freedom and in self determination for the United Kingdom. I hope and pray that this snap election breaks the back of the Labour Party and gives it the electoral kicking that they deserve. Labour’s history of propping the nation’s doors open to the dregs of the third world and their ruination of the economy should make them unfit to govern in the electorate’s eyes.

The Liberal Democrats have since the Brexit referendum result have really shown their true colours as a party that would quite happily sell the nation down the river to Brussels. Their leader Tim Farron (whose name incidentally is an anagram of ‘ minor fart’) has shown, since June 23rd 2016 that his loyalties are not to the people of the UK, but to the European Union. Also the extreme two-faced untrustworthiness of the Liberal Democrats has been visible to the public ever since they governed in Coalition with David Cameron’s Conservatives between 2010 and 2015.

The Scottish National Party will probably continue to be powerful in Scotland as their desire to turn Scotland into a bankrupt socialist ‘Venezuela of the North’, seems inexplicably popular with a large sector of the Scottish electorate, even though it’s this electorate that will ultimately suffer economically and socially from SNP policies. It will be interesting to see what happens to Labour and Conservatives in Scotland at the 2017 General Election. Will they increase their support or will they drop in support? Only time will tell.

I predict that in Wales Labour will continue to be the first party and that apart from maybe a Lib Dem loss because of voters cheesed off with Tim Farron’s idolatry of all things EU then things may remain roughly the same as it was in 2015. I have not been that impressed with the performance of Plaid Cymru’s leader Leanne Wood, especially during debates held at the last General Election, but they may hold onto the seats that they already hold.

What I hope for is an increased majority for the Conservatives and decimation to the dangerous parties of the Left such as Labour and the Lib Dems. It’s a compromise wish because although the Tories are not perfect and downright wrong on some things, they are better than the alternatives.

Let battle commence and it’s going to be a very interesting battle and one that this blog will be following closely and commenting on.