The Paris police shooting attack – It wasn’t the Methodists again

The aftermath of the latest Islamic attack on Paris (picture from Front Page Magazine)


I was driving down the motorway when I heard on my car radio about the latest terrorist attack in France, an attack which has claimed the lives of one, possibly two, French police officers. When I heard of the atrocity my immediate thought was ‘this ain’t Methodists, this is Islamic savages’. Sadly, yet again my initial thought of ‘it’s Islam again’, proved to be correct.

It’s hardly anyone else than a Muslim behind these attacks and hardly ever a follower of any other religion or ideology other than Islam who is infused with as much hate and violence as Muslims are. Yet again we see press reports about the assailant and how an ordinary Muslim, seemingly integrated and trustworthy, went ‘full Islam’ and went on a killing spree. I have no doubt that if this Muslim savage had not been killed by police officers on the Champs Elysée, then the savage would have taken a great many more lives.

Since 2015 Islamic savages have murdered 238 people and have injured and traumatised many hundreds more. Islamic savages have murdered cartoonists, concert-goers, police officers, Catholic priests, people celebrating Bastille Day and members of France’s Jewish minority. It’s fair to say that France is under attack by Islam and it’s a problem that they need to get a handle on, or there will be no France for today’s generation of French people to pass on to the grandchildren of that country’s citizens.

France is in deep trouble. In fact France is so close to the abyss of widespread civil disorder and a breakdown of the state’s power to enforce law and order, especially among that country’s Muslim savages, that unless the authorities and the ordinary French citizen says ‘let’s deal with this problem by any means necessary’, France may fall to the violence of Islamic savagery and the treason of its cowardly Islam-appeasing Quislings.

I’m normally very reluctant to use the phrase ‘by any means necessary’ without some form of qualification, as this phrase can be taken by some readers to mean the sort of vigilante action that can easily end in violence against the innocent, something all civilised people should attempt to avoid. However, I find it difficult to see how France can tackle their Islamic savagery problem without a concerted effort by citizens who are both engaged and aggressive and the armed forces of the state to deal with this threatening ideology called Islam and the violent thugs that it produces. Both citizen action and state violence, is needed to suppress Islam and put France’s Muslims under pressure to, to paraphrase the words of Danish author Jeppe Juhl, either ‘reform Islam, renounce Islam or get the hell out of France’.

Although I concede that there are many secular Muslims or cultural Muslims or ex Muslims who are not part of the problem, I don’t think it can be denied by anyone with a truly open mind, that belief in and adherence to the ideology of Islam, is incompatible with the culture of societies based on secularism, or those which are based on Judaeo-Christian ethics and history. Islam is the ‘worm in the bud’ and the metastasising tumour that destroys non-Muslim societies. We have seen this in the Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Indian sub-continent and South East Asia. This appalling cancerous scourge of Islam has now reached both Europe and the Americas and it is making its violent presence felt almost daily now. If Islam is to be repelled, and a growing number of people believe that it should, then because the problems of Islam have been ignored for so long then it will take much more effort and much more bloodshed than it would have done if the West had been more self confident and more willing to stand up for its own values and culture.

From my vantage point I see the French citizens, like the citizens of other Western nations as people’s who have been sold down the river for the false coin of a belief that 1400 years of Islamic savagery can be tamed merely by exposure to a world of Western enlightenment. Islam can’t be tamed by being nice to it or showing Islam’s adherents that cultures, such as that of the West, that put a man on the moon are better than an Islamic culture that produces people who merely bark at the moon. Although it hurts me, a person who would rather walk the path of peace than the path of war, to have to say this, Islam in the West needs either to be subjected to violent oppression by States that stand up for their own people or civilisation as we know it will lose.

The good guys do not always win, even a cursory glance at history can tell us that. Sometimes it’s necessary for the good to put aside Mahatma Ghandi’s dictum that ‘an eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind’. We need to recognise that the wages of the sin of failing to stand up for ones culture and ones nations against the clear and present danger of Islam, is death and cultural darkness. Saying ‘an eye for an eye’ is not always wrong, sometimes it’s the best thing to do.

France, like the rest of the West, needs Orthodox Islam like a healthy body needs a brain tumour. It’s long past time that we all recognised that and more importantly it’s time for the states that rule over us to recognise that as well. Islam is the problem and that problem needs to be dealt with with, unpleasant that this may be to many, extreme harshness if necessary.

The danger to all our futures, whether we are Christian, Jewish, Hindu or Buddhist or whether we have Black, White, Brown or Yellow skin, is not coming from anywhere other than Islam. It’s not the Methodists who are killing us, it’s the Islam, stupid.