I told you this would happen. Van ploughs into people leaving London terror-linked mosque

A stereotypical angry mob from one of the Frankenstein movies


There’s been an overnight incident where a white van appeared to deliberately run down worshippers leaving Finsbury Park mosque in London. At least one person has died and there are many others injured. It’s not absolutely clear at this point whether this is a mentally ill person or even if it is definitely a revenge attack on Muslims for the many terror and rape attacks that they’ve carried out on Britons. However, news reports are leaning towards the idea of a revenge attack.

The mosque, which has been heavily linked in the past with terrorism and was once home to the radical Islamic hate preacher Abu Hamza and the shoe bomber Richard Reid, had been disgorging people onto the street following Ramadan prayers. The van then mounted the pavement, ran over people and according to eye-witness accounts a man jumped out and shouted: ‘I want to kill all Muslims’. The alleged assailant then ran off but was later arrested by police. Some reports say that there were three men in the van.

It’s looking very much like this could be a revenge attack on Muslims, which is something that I do not condone, approve of or encourage, preferring instead an electoral solution to Britain’s by now very grievous, Islam problems. According to Sky News a 48 year old man said: ‘I’ve done my bit’ when arrested by police. The Muslims wanted to murder the driver there and then (very religion of peace) and he was pulled into a Muslim community centre by an Imam to save him from the mob.

Sky News said:

Toufik Kacimi, the chief executive of the Muslim Welfare House, next to where the suspected attack happened, said the man who was arrested had to be rescued by the imam at the centre to stop him being attacked.

Mr Kacimi said when he did so, the driver said to him: “I’ve done my bit.”

There are reports that another two people leapt out of the van and escaped, although this has yet to be confirmed by police.

The Counter Terrorism Command Unit is helping the Met Police with their investigation into the incident which witnesses described as a deliberate attack.

We should of course, as with any statement by an Islamic ‘community leader’, because of Taqiyya, be a little cautious as to the truth of Mr Kacimi’s words, but if we assume for a moment that they are accurate, then what we may have here is something which this blog has so often predicted and been sadly proven correct about, a situation where hotheads come to the fore. The British people have been pushed beyond endurance by the antics of too many of Britain’s Muslim residents and this looks like the sad result of Britain’s combined and severe Islam problems.

In 2017 alone we have had horrific Islamic atrocities at Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge, not to mention the various bearded Islamic thugs who’ve been arrested outside Parliament and in Whitehall. Then there’s all the Islamic terror plots that the security services have foiled and the 23,000 known Islamic extremists and supporters of extremism that walk among us and in some cases are housed by the taxpayer just a few yards from our children’s schools. Britons have also had to cope with a revolting wave of Islamic sex gang attacks on our women and children, many of which are only just starting to come before the courts, after being ignored by police and social services for decades. Islam has given hotheads a lot to get even more hotheaded about.

Of course as a man of peace and a believer in the ballot box not the bullet, I condemn this attack if it is indeed a revenge attack, but I’m surprised that if this is the case, that this not happened before, given all the provocations that have come from the followers of Islam.

I must say it’s a worrying escalation of violence and it’s never good to see people aping the savagery of Islam in order to attack Islam’s followers. I have serious doubts that much good will come of this attack and I concur with the words of the lawyer Gavin Boby, who once said that Britain’s Islam problems need to be sorted out through law and not by violence. He also said that he dreaded what might happen if say, for example an ex-service person or someone with access to weapons had their daughter targeted by Islamic Rape Gangs and this person decided to take the law into their own hands. It would be the first step on the road to massive civil disturbance, something that should be avoided if possible.

There are remarkable similarities in this attack and to the Islamic attack that was carried out on London Bridge, especially in the use of a hired van, which as we all know is traceable to the hirer, instead of a stolen one. This suggests to me that this may be either someone with a justifiable animus against Islam, getting the red mist at the sight of the mosque turning out, or someone who didn’t give a toss about being caught. If it is the former, then this is an example of someone losing it in a lethal way, in a similar manner to how a road rage attack starts. If it is the latter, then it is a very bad sign indeed. If we have Britons who feel that things are now so bad that they have nothing to lose by attacking innocent Muslim individuals and doing so in a manner that almost guarantees that they will be caught, then things are getting very bad indeed.

At some point I expected something like this and also dreaded it. I expected it because you can only push people so far before some individuals snap and take the law into their own hands. The ‘keep calm, carry on and don’t mention the Islam’ policies of the political class, following the various Islamic atrocities we’ve suffered from, has not calmed people, it has wound them up. Then there’s the sight of police pandering to Muslims, of which there have been numerous accounts, instead of protecting the rest of us from the depredations of Islam, which is almost certainly causing a drop in respect for the police and contributing to a sense that the political classes and the police have abandoned Britons. Couple these issues – the terror, the mass rapes, the sedition and the state pandering to Muslims, with the ongoing problem of the lack of an honest public debate about the ideology of Islam – one that can be carried out without fear of arrest for ‘Islamophobia’, and you have the perfect social pressure cooker and worse, one without a safety valve. I’ve also dreaded it because it will be mercilessly exploited by various Islamic grievance-mongers who have at last seemingly got a real anti-Islam attack to whine about, instead of all the fake ones that they’ve often had to make do with in the past.

I’ve watched this pot come to the boil over several years now. I’ve seen the arrogant ‘shut up and enjoy the enforced Islamic diversity’ attitudes of the governing classes, along with the ‘just get used to the Islamic terror’ statements of the same. I’ve seen police and social services go out of their way not to tell the truth about the Islamic misogyny behind the Islamic Rape Gang epidemic and I’ve seen people arrested and jailed for speaking up against the ideology of Islam. All this heats up the pot of anger and resentment among Britons and with no obvious political way to go to solve the problems, it is clear that some will resort to violence.

Nigel Farage said that this attack ‘will only make things worse’ and he’s right. The Islamic savages may now go and attack a church or synagogue in a tit-for-tat incident, which will probably be followed by another attack on Muslims and so on and so on.

This is another ‘I told you this would happen’ event and it gives me no pleasure to be proven correct again. This death of an innocent Muslim man and the injuries suffered by other innocent Muslims are presumably, based on current information, the result of someone who’s had enough of Islam.

The response of the Government has been to double down on the Islamopandering, with promises of increased security being provided at mosques and more taxpayers’ money to pay for that security. This action by those in the Westminster bubble will further infuriate those in areas where Britons are under threat from the followers of Islam who will quite rightly ask ‘where’s the millions of pounds to protect us then?’ The answer to such questions is as always the same – the Government will protect the Muslims and say “sod you” to everyone else.

If the government plainly is not taking the appropriate action to control the dangerous ideology of Islam in the United Kingdom, which it isn’t, then inevitably there will be some people, deranged people, or people who feel they have been pushed beyond the limits by Islam, who will take violent vigilante style action. As one commentator on the Brietbart story on this incident said: If the government is not taking action, action is taken by the people,” but it’s my belief that this is the wrong action in the wrong place at the wrong time. The correct group to give the more troublesome followers of Islam the grief they so often deserve, are the Government, not the individual angry citizen. Therefore the way to go is not to drive vans at random Muslims, but to follow our democratic process to install a government that will deal with the problem of troublesome or burdensome followers of Islam with the sad but necessary required harshness, up to and including internment, expulsion or imprisonment.

Although the mainstream media is wetting itself over this incident, because it fits a Leftist narrative and are giving a platform to every dishonest Islamophobia pusher they can find, others, some in Britain and some from overseas, have been less condemnatory. Some of the comments that I’ve seen this morning from some places online, have gone beyond merely showing that they lack condemnation of the incident, but have actually approved of this man’s action. This is shocking I admit, but is it any different from the way that Muslims in the Middle East for example, have been celebrating Islamic atrocities committed against Westerners?

Here’s some of the comments I’ve seen this morning:

Brits have probably had enough of being allah’d and being beaten down by their government. Any time now the last straw will be broken, they will chimp out and go all out civil war to cleanse the shire of the orcish filth.”

Interesting that the London mayor is calling for a greater police presence outside mosques which means less resources for the average Joe public!”

Muslim karma”

About frigging time, lets get this party started already.”

Dead Muslims. Feel good story of the day isn’t it?”

Best news to wake up to for a long time..Long may it continue..Shame he didn’t wipe more of them out.”

Muslims don’t mind it when they kill one another or non-Muslims but, when one of their own is killed by a non-Muslim they scream Islamophobia and demand more security.”

The House of Islam is a fetid, dirty swamp and needs to be drained.”

If you punish Muslims that commit crimes and dedicate your resources toward securing your country and siding with your citizens, Britain, then you don’t have to worry about any stupid vigilante backlash. It’s simple.”


That scumbag Sadiq Khan couldn’t get on twitter fast enough when the victims were Muslim. People were chasing him for a quote during the last Islamic terrorist attack.”

I guess Muslims thought that Brits were just gonna let them rape and blow up their daughters without any payback. Someone had enough”

Hmmm, trying to summon up some sympathy for these poor, Muslim victims of terror…trying…trying…Nope, I got nothin’.”

When your government fails you, this is what happens “

And so on and so on it goes. Lots and lots of angry people unnecessarily pouring petrol on a bonfire that many people would admit was originally lit by the followers of Islam with their terror, crime, sedition and arrogance. I fear that things will not end well, not just because of this attack, but because of other Islam-related tensions, that are growing by the day.

Although I personally condemn what appears at this time to be the deliberate murder of an innocent Muslim, I can’t say that I’m enormously surprised that it has happened. Britain has had a large number of provocations by Islamic extremists, that have ramped up the tensions and now these tensions seem to have broken out into retaliatory violence.

My thoughts and prayers are with the bereaved and the injured, but we also need to put this attack into some sort of numerical context. Despite terror attacks being carried out by Muslims up and down the country, a large number of poorly monitored Islamic extremists on our streets and the ongoing Islamic Rape Gang problem, the number of deaths caused by retaliatory action has been remarkably and for me pleasingly, low. Although one person has died in an apparent anti Islam attack, we should not forget that this death in this one attack represents but one one-thirty forth of the number of Britons killed by Muslim terrorists in Britain in 2017. The single death in the Finsbury Park attack also represents less than one thousandth of the number of mostly innocent human beings murdered by the followers of Islam during Ramadan 2017 as so far Muslims have killed 1263 people in 133 separate terror attacks.

I think this attack is a worrying sign that things are starting to boil over with regards to Britain’s Islam problems and I am pessimistic about the future. I believe that things will get worse before they get better and also that we are in for a period of dangerous civil disturbance that I hope the authorities can contain. In my opinion, this is a state of affairs that could have been avoided, had the government listened to the warnings of those who have said over many years, that although many individual Muslims may not pose much of a problem to society, making a space for Islam itself will cause problems. This has been proven correct by the number of hate preachers who are regularly invited to mosques, the number of Muslim women subjected to the harshness and misogyny of Shariah Law, the fear of death felt by Islamic apostates and the terror and subversion that is regularly fomented within various Islamic organisations.

The extremists in the Islamic community have thrown down a gauntlet with their terror attacks and sedition and now it seems that someone has seen fit, foolishly in my view, to pick that gauntlet up. I fear that we are certainly in for some ‘interesting’ times ahead. The government have failed to protect the British people from the depredations of Islam and its more deranged followers and have failed to listen to warnings both from history and from the contemporary world, about what happens when Islam is not controlled as it most surely should be in civilised lands, but instead is appeased. British citizens, white, black, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh and those with no religion of faith, have all been pleading for years with the Government to sort out Britain’s Islam problems, but all to no avail. All we’ve got is yet more Islamopandering, so it’s no great surprise but still saddening when some individual completely loses it and targets random Muslims for death.

This was a terrible event that will have far reaching implications. I should remind readers of the words of the 35th President of the United States of America, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who said that ‘those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable’. It could be that by continually playing the dishonest ‘religion of peace’ line, or failing to properly tackle the Islam problems that various governments have imported and allowed to metastasise, whilst at the same time forbidding citizens criticising the dangerous ideology of Islam, the State has ramped up the tensions to a level that they never should have attained. The various governments who have ignored completely those who have called for a peaceful, or relatively peaceful, resolution of the problems that we face, have made a peaceful change in how the country treats the ideology of Islam all but impossible.

The Finsbury Park attack was a stupid and counter-productive action that will only make things much worse. However, it was almost inevitable that someone somewhere at some point would say ‘enough is enough’ and channel their justifiable objections to the ideology of Islam, not via the ballot box as would be my own preference, but by more violent means. I would advise anyone out there, especially those people who are vehemently opposed to the fascism of Islam and who may be thinking that it’s now ‘tool up time’, to think again. This is because the more peaceful, political and legitimate options to deal with the problems we face have not yet been used up or exhausted. I’m afraid that violence of this sort will only beget more violence.

Hang onto your hats Britain, we are in for a bumpy ride.

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  1. Hilltop Watchman | June 19, 2017 at 12:29 pm |

    I have to say that I agree with you 100%. If our pusilanimous islamopandering politicians had less of am eye on the Postal Mass Mosque Vote and the useless plods been more concerned with taking out terrorists that being called racist by various mendacious grievence mongering taqiyya merchants we wouldn’t be where we are now.

    If the cowards infesting Westminster had defied the EU Commissars and controlled our borders and been more selective in who is let in, we wouldn’t be where we ate now.

    If the snivelling creeps had read the riot act to Islam that they were equal under British law with no special privileges we wouldn’t be where we are now.

    If our supposed leaders had called out the tapeworms in the colon of society, the Left and their hangers on such as the Socialist Wankers Party that their actions amount to incitement we wouldn’t be where we are now.

    I’d like to think that there is at least one member of the government that has evolved a backbone and who will now have Corbyn and MaoDonnell hauled in for questioning for their direct incitement of the mob to invade and steal other’s private property. We won’t because we are run by cowards afraid of their own shadows.

    And so the islamopandering will continue with dissent ruthlessly suppressed and prosecuted, ruining lives while triggering further reactions which will be ruthlessly put down and attributed to “islamophobia”, and the whole merry-go-round will continue, used as an excuse for ever I creasing state interference and censorship “for our security” of course, while Islam gets a free pass as to do otherwise would be “islamophobic”

    To draw an analogy, it’s akin to a cancer sufferer campaigning for the right of their tumours to exist and grow as to do otherwise would be Cancerphobic.

    As of today I see no solution or respite and am extremely pessimistic for Britain’s future and all aided and abetted by our useless leaders and the malignant state forces lurking line a stale fart in the background.

    This is my bloody country. I was born and bred to be a loyal Englishman and am now be sacrificed on the altar of a multicultural for a utopia that cannot be. Centuries of evolution of a fair common law system destroyed in a generation replaced by the malignancy of shariah.

    As I have posted previously, despite being located amongst the world’s most hateful, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, fascist regimes, Israel beckons, where at least I will be both defended and allowed to defendyield and mine.

    Great Britain 1066-2017 Destroyed by its own tolerance of those who would destroy her. RIP

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