Oh what a surprise, or rather not, another Muslim sex pest strikes on a Blackburn bound train.


The sort of ‘vibrant diversity’ that Islam has brought to the United Kingdom is really not the sort of thing I’d wish on my very worst enemy. This is because if the followers of this savage and backward ideology are not murdering drinkers at London Bridge or teenagers at a pop concert or commuters on public transport then they are raping or sexually assaulting our children and young women.

The Lancashire Telegraph has a report of another example of the sort of Muslim sex pest that we are seeing far too many of these days. You know,the sort, Muslim men who are brought up to believe that women are worth slightly less than cattle and non Muslim girls and young women worth even less than that. This particular Muslim savage, pictured above in the header picture, is suspected of ‘inappropriately touching’ a sixteen year old girl on a train bound for Blackburn.

Here is the Lancashire Telegraph article about this latest Islamic nonce to afflict the North of England. Just in case this story disappears from the LT I have cut and pasted the tale in its entirety as sadly stories about Islamic crime have a habit of disappearing down the local newspaper memory hole when comments about ‘community cohesion ‘ are made by dubious police officers and equally dubious ‘community leaders’.

The Lancashire Telegraph said:

POLICE have issued a CCTV image of a man suspected of having inappropriately touched a teenage girl on a train.

The incident happened between Preston and Blackburn on the evening of June 18 on a York-bound service.

The man left the train at Blackburn.

Police said the man sat next to the 16-year-old and talked with her before touching her inappropriately.

The girl was left distressed and shaken.

DC Chris Biggs said: “We’d like to hear from anyone who may have been on the same service and who may have witnessed what happened.

“We do not tolerate any form of unwanted sexual behaviour and we are working to identify and trace the offender.

“The victim was understandably left distressed and shaken by what happened.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact British Transport Police by text to 61016 or on 0800 40 50 40 quoting reference 105 of 12/07/2017. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

As I said earlier this is just one of thousands of Islamic sex crimes or alleged Islamic sex crimes that have occurred and are occurring right across the UK but are a particular problem in the Labour party run one party states in the North of England. These Labour Party fiefdoms rely in whole or in part on the whipped and sometimes bent mosque vote to keep the Labour Party in power.

Because of that need to keep the Muslims on side, these areas are becoming cess-pits of Islamic sexual crime which Labour for obvious reasons is not too keen on tackling.

I suppose that we should be grateful that the police are actually bothering to look for this alleged nonce rather than sweeping these offences under the carpet as has been the case in the past with some police forces such as South Yorkshire Police for instance. If the police are serious about finding this sex offending savage then they’d probably do well to start their search at one of the many ‘terror and paedo’ centres aka mosques, that have sprung up in the Blackburn area. If you want to find a sex offending Muslim then go to where such individuals tend to congregate, which is the mosques, as this is where Muslims continue to be taught that child sex isn’t wrong because their paedo prophet Mohammed did it.

Another day, another Islamic sex case. Does anyone agree with me that Britons of all races and peaceful faiths would be far better off without this sort of ‘vibrant diversity’? Personally I’d rather less of this type of ‘diversity’ especially if it meant less Islamic sex cases preying on our children and young people.