Now that’s why Pakistan is a s**thole volume 56 – More disgusting Islamic tribal misogyny and violence.


This edition of the Now That’s Why Pakistan Is A Shithole is a little bit of a departure from its usual style. Instead of this blog commenting on news reports from Pakistan about how this nation truly is the shithole of the world or using other written documentary evidence to show how Islam has progressively degraded the country there will be instead a video comment from another creator.

There is an excellent but blood boiling video by the commentator Sargon of Akkad that says a tremendous amount about the problem of revenge rapes in Pakistani culture, where women are raped in order to settle scores between different families of Pakistani savages. This video has been really well put together and very well researched and although only running for six minutes or so shows the sick depths of misogyny that exists in Pakistan. The video is narrated in an extremely sarcastic style by Sargon himself and is part of his ‘all cultures are beautiful’ series.

Here’s the video by Sargon


Pakistan never ceases to amaze me. It never fails to plumb whatever depth of immorality and depravity and this video shows yet another pit of sickness that has been dug by the Islamic culture of Pakistan.

I’d like to thank Sargon for producing such an accurate picture of a nation that can truly be described as the turd that will not flush, no matter how many times the metaphorical chain is pulled.