Now That’s Why Pakistan is a S***hole volume 57


Pakistan is a benighted land and gives the impression that it is a failed experiment to see what happens when part of a larger national area is handed over to the followers of Islam as a national home. In this case, the part of the globe that concerns us is the entity that was formerly known as British India. British India was split in 1947 into two parts, the major part of the subcontinent went to the majority Hindus and became India and the majority Muslim areas were hived off as West Pakistan and East Pakistan. Since independence in the late nineteen forties the paths of India and Pakistan could not be more different. India has become a world power, with a growing economy, an increasingly respected high tech sector and even a space programme. India, despite the political and social problems that has afflicted India over the years, has remained a democracy and has advanced greatly since independence. India has deserved the respect it gets as a nation.

Pakistan on the other hand deserves no respect. Pakistan has continued to descend into the pits of a hell created by the Islamic ideology that greatly influences its governance. If we look at Pakistan and India and compare them, we can see that the experiment in giving part of the Indian subcontinent to the Muslims seems to have been an abject failure. Pakistan is what happens when a geographical area given over to Islam for its followers to rule and as Pakistan shows, ultimately ruin.

As regular readers of this blog’s Pakistan Shithole feature will know, that Islam has made Pakistan a hell on earth for women, children, atheists, non Muslims, secularists. The Pakistanis seem to treat women especially as a species of subhuman rather than equal partners in humanity. Pakistani women are routinely beaten, raped, burned, attacked with acid and murdered. Pakistan is what happens when you allow a country to be run by the followers of a seventh century robber, murderer and paedophile.

Today’s Pakistan shithole story comes from the city of Lahore where a Muslim man was so enraged by the fact that his wife had a job, that he decapitated her and left her body to be discovered by their children. You who are reading this tale in civilised nations, will no doubt recoil in horror at a society where women are murdered because a piss poor excuse for a man couldn’t handle the ‘dishonour’ of having a working wife. Unfortunately this sort of behaviour is astonishingly normal for Pakistan. Although the woman in this case was murdered by decapitation other women are murdered by other methods for similar lunatic reasons such as ‘dishonour’. Women are stabbed,shot, strangled, burned with corrosive substances, bludgeoned and immolated in deliberate ‘kitchen fires’ by men, sometimes assisted by Pakistani women, who see killing women as the answer to a great deal of perceived problems.

Here’s the story from the Dawn newspaper detailing the latest tragic victim of Islam from a land that has been comprehensively ruined by that ideology.

Dawn said:

A man allegedly decapitated his wife with a chopper in the name of honour at Manga Mandi on Sunday.

Police said 37-year-old Nasreen, a mother of three, a resident of Shamke Bhattian, was found dead by her children and neighbours in a room of her house with her head severed.

The police after being informed of the murder reached the spot.

The forensic experts accompanying the police collected evidences from the crime scene, recorded statements of eyewitnesses and later shifted the body to the city morgue for an autopsy.

Saddar Division Superintendent of Police (SP) Maher Mumtaz said that initial investigations revealed that the woman was killed by her husband Afraheem in the name of honour.

He said the woman worked as a labourer in a factory in Raiwind area but her husband did not like her job and would ask her to quit.

Despite opposition by her husband, Nasreen continued the job, he added.

The SP said quoting the children that the woman was asleep in her house when her husband allegedly attacked her with a chopper after locking the room.

He said after the suspect left the house, the children with the help of some neighbours opened the room and found Nasreen lying dead with her head severed.

He said two police teams had been constituted to arrest the suspect.

Read the original source via the link below:

Although this particular story is indeed shocking it is a product of Pakistani society. Pakistan is a society where Islam holds sway and anything outside of Islam such as Hindus, or which is derided by Islam, such as women for instance, ends up suffering the violence that is aimed at them by Muslims. Woe betide the person in Pakistan who is a religious minority, a woman, a child or a religious dissenter as their lives will often be ones of brutality, oppression and scorn.

It has become fashionable among the Left to blame every problem in the developing world onto either Colonialism or the after effects of Colonialism. Some of these problems in some places, Sri Lanka for example, may indeed be caused or exacerbated by the unintended consequences of colonial authorities encouraging one group to move to another different area, but that explanation does not apply to Pakistan. The main architects of Pakistan’s destruction is purely and simply down to Pakistanis and the retarded ideology that underpins their state. There is no other explanation for Pakistan’s decline into a hell hole, apart from the baleful influence of an ideology that has brought to this basket case shithole of a nation, the same destruction as it has caused elsewhere.

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  1. There is a piece in the Radio Times by Mark Tully about partition. It seemed rather confused to me.
    Of course, for him, the way it all went wrong was entirely Britain’s fault – after all who could expect the local people to behave like civilized human beings once they were left to their own devices? After all, slaughtering your neighbours when you had previously peacefully co-existed is only to be expected!
    He even seems to think that the British should have stayed and repressed the warring factions for a while – and no doubt if they had he would be complaining about that too.

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