278 alleged victims of Islamic Rape Gangs in Northumbria Police region. Sadly there are likely to be many more.

Location of Newcastle Upon Tyne


During the course of the Operation Sanctuary and Operation Shelter probes in Newcastle a multitude of Islamic rapists and other sex offenders have been uncovered. Press reports are stating that there are at least 278 alleged victims of the sex beasts and it must be presumed because it’s unlikely that the police will have managed to speak to every possible victim, that there are a great deal more potential victims whom the police have yet to get into contact with and interview. Sadly I would be unsurprised to discover that this figure of 278 is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to girls and women abused or sexually assaulted by Muslims in Newcastle.

Most of those who have been convicted of or who have admitted guilt to charges ranging from drugs to inciting prostitution, human trafficking and rape are Muslims from the West End area of Newcastle. This is a relatively small area of the Newcastle upon Tyne area comprising I believe of the wards Fenham, West City, Benwell, Scotswood, Elswick and Wingrove and is home to some of the 6.3% (2011 figures) of the population of Newcastle that is Muslim. This is a very low Muslim population for a city the size of Newcastle but it is one which appears to have produced an extraordinary number of sex criminals relative to its numerical size. It seems to be the case that the Islamic communities of the wards that make up Newcastle’s West End have produced so many sex offenders for such a relatively small percentage of the overall population, that maybe these communities could cynically but reasonably be described as ‘rapist factories’.

There is a chilling similarity between the Newcastle Islamic Rape Gang cases and the Rotherham scandal and that is the relatively small population of Muslims who seem to be committing an awful lot of sex crime. In Rotherham the population of Muslims was about 6% but they still managed to clock up many hundreds of victims to their name. Both the Rotherham and the Newcastle cases show, in stark and horrible detail, that it doesn’t take a very large population of Muslim men to be present in a town or a city, in order for large scale sexual predation of non-Muslim women and children to start to occur.

Because of the similarities that the Tyneside Islamic Rape Gang scandal shares with other cases where there has been endemic and widespread sexual exploitation of children, women and the vulnerable by Muslim men, we should prepare ourselves for further revelations from this area about Islamic sex crime. I believe that the figure of 278 alleged victims is likely to rise as time goes on and more information comes out now that the linked trials conducted under the auspices of Operation Shelter have come to a close. The Operation Shelter convictions relate to Islamic Rape Gang activity that was conducted between 2011 and 2014, but there could be many many more victims of Muslim sex gangs that were previously virtually ignored by police, along with rape gangs that are currently operating but which have not yet been brought to the police’s attention.

As is usual for these types of cases, the Newcastle case shows the sort of violent sexual horror that the followers of Islam bring to the inhabitants of areas like Newcastle’s West End. Areas that were once solidly working class but which now contain large numbers of Muslim men who seem to view our non Muslim children as little more than prey to be used and abused at will.

These appalling offences and the ruined lives that they cause will continue until the authorities recognise that the roots of these offences do not lie in poverty or poor socialisation or a lack of education on the part of the offenders. There are lots of people who are poor, are lacking in education and are poorly socialised but they do not rape to anything like the extent that these Islamic savages do. These offences do have a root but instead of this root being related to social and financial exclusion or education are due almost entirely to the attitudes inculcated in the offenders by the ideology of Islam. We will continue to get these mass rape gangs until both the people and those who govern us recognise that far from being a ‘religion of peace’, Islam is instead a ‘religion of rape’.

It’s right that these rapist savages are jailed or if possible are later deported from Britain, but picking them up after they’ve committed offences is merely curing the symptom and not the disease which creates the symptom. Islam creates rapists and paedophiles with a remarkable alacrity and most shocking regularity. If we, the majority of the population of the UK are to be kept safe we need this community to be properly dealt with by the authorities that we pay heavily in taxation for the service of protecting us from the likes of the rapist Muslims of Newcastle and elsewhere.

We also need and should demand that the Islamic communities in the UK do something effective about the large number of rapists it produces. Many of us have heard various excuses from Islamic ‘community leaders’ about the Islamic Rape Gang phenomena, including that the offenders are ‘not proper Muslims’. These excuses no longer wash, not with me nor anyone else who is very well appraised of the vast extent of violent and racist misogyny that exists in Islamic male cultures. If Muslim communities are genuinely and honestly interested in ‘community cohesion’ then they will take the necessary steps to deal harshly with the offenders and those who facilitate offences or make excuses for offenders.

It is never a good idea for minority communities to go out and deliberately stir up hatred for themselves by their actions, as this behaviour never really ends well for the minority and they may often end up even more hated than they were originally. Doing relatively nothing about these Islamic Rape Gangs, which seems to be what is happening, or just making the right condemnatory mouth noises about these rape gangs just doesn’t cut it any more with the rest of us. We can recognise when words are empty of meaning and honesty. We can discern when Islam’s spokespersons are lying to us when it comes to these Islamic Rape Gangs and these lies are no longer working on us. So, if British Muslims do not wish to be hated any more than they are at present, because of the terrorism, the welfare sponging and the outrageous demands for special treatment that the followers of Islam are noted for, then they should deal publicly and harshly with the issue of Islam-derived sex crime.

So far we’ve been really poorly served by police and local government when it comes to protecting our families from Islamic predation. The authorities seem to put more effort into protecting Muslims from opinions that they may not agree with, than they do to protect our daughters from the Muslims who would rape them. This state of affairs is immoral and intolerable and urgently needs to change. The Government needs to abandon the failed ideology of multiculturalism and deal harshly with those who bring to these Islands and its people’s nothing but horror and debasement. We need governmental honesty about Islam and we need it now.


Daily Mail piece with background information about the Operation Shelter case that could not be published due to reporting restrictions whilst the trials were in progress.


Ethnicity in the North East government report from 2007. Source of 2007 Islam figures for Newcastle


Local stats showing 2011 Muslim population as being 6.3% as opposed to 3.6% in 2007. This is based on census data.


Interesting stats on religion / race in Newcastle’s West End from academics


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  1. you would think you have been invaded again by saxons or something

    • Fahrenheit211 | August 11, 2017 at 1:56 pm |

      It is very reminiscent of an invasion by someone like the Saxons or the Danes. We need to grow some balls and force our leaders to deal with this problem called Islam.

  2. There is an article from the English Defence League that draws the straight line from the Koran and the hadith through English mosques to this industrial scale abuse of English girls by mature Muslim men:

    • Can I just say that the article to which you link is far more lucid and intelligent than a lot of us would have thought possible from the EDL? My experience of it is as a bunch of yobboes, but there’s evidently someone somewhere in its ranks who can both think and write.

  3. “…We can discern when Islam’s spokespersons are lying to us…”

    We certainly can:- their lips are moving.

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