Another Muslim wife murderer Britain would have been better off without

Jamal Khan - Yet another worthless Muslim murderer who killed his wife with a lump hammer because she didn't provide him with a dinner.


When I saw this story in the London Evening Standard (h/t ROP)about a Muslim man who had been gaoled for life for murdering his wife with a lump hammer for not making him dinner, my first thought was: ‘That’s an interesting story for this blog’s ‘Pakistan shithole’ feature’. Sadly, this latest example of murderous Islamic misogyny although doesn’t come from a hell hole like Pakistan but instead from Preston in the United Kingdom. It appears that this is another example of how one can remove the Muslim from the Islamic cultural hell hole but you can’t get the Islamic savagery out of the heads of many Muslims.

This particular murderous Islamic savage, Jamal Khan aged 52, beat his wife to death with the heavy hammer basically because she didn’t obey him and provide him with food when he ordered her to do so. Khan’s wife, Humera strayed off the reservation that Muslim women are confined to by disobeying her tyrannical master and for that she has been brutally killed.

This is yet another example of the murderous Islamic misogyny that Islam implants in the minds of Muslim men. The Islamic ideology teaches men that women are worth half or even less of a man, that their movements need to be restricted and that women should be covered completely lest they are raped by other Muslim men for not being covered. There is no prohibition on rape in Islam whether that be rape in marriage nor for the Muslim men who control the sex slaves that are permitted under Islam. Islam also, because of course Muslims follow the example of their paedo ‘prophet’ Mohammed, has no cultural distaste for or religious ban on paedophilia. Basically, f you are a Muslim woman or a child or a woman who is a member of any other religion, than Islam tells Muslim men that you are to be considered at best subhuman and at worst prey.

Humera Khan was not just murdered by an angry and out of control husband, as such murders have happened in other communities as well, but also by the ideology of Islam that her husband’s head was obviously so full of. She was murdered in part by an ideology that said she had no power to say ‘no’ to anything her husband said, or to decline any instruction that he gave. It is apparent to me that there was another ghostly but dangerous hand apart from Jamal Khan’s, on the handle of the hammer that murdered Humera, and that hand was of that of the violent thug who founded Islam, Mohammed.

As I said earlier, domestic murders, sometimes by men and sometimes by women, sadly occur in all societies and are carried out by adherents of a number of different religious paths or those of no spiritual belief. But, these murders are in the main an aberration in the individual which goes against the religious instructions that these individuals either follow or which may have informed their worldview. They are not murders carried out by those who are continually told by their religious leaders that the opposite sex is inferior and that their only value is to provide pleasure for men and to bear children. This is the difference in this murder by Jamal Khan and a similar murder carried out by someone other than a Muslim. If for example, there was a Methodist wife murderer who killed his wife with a lump hammer then it is unlikely in the extreme that Methodism had any influence on either the murder or the choice of victim. Unlike Islam, Methodism doesn’t tell it’s adherents that women are inferior or their word in court is worth a fraction of that of a man or that the women and children of other faiths can be enslaved for the benefit of Methodist men.

It’s highly likely that Islamic misogyny played a significant part in the murder of Humera Khan. Islamic education and contact with Islamic culture probably created the mental pathways in Jamal’s head that led him to kill his wife for such a base and trivial reason as failing to provide Khan with food.

It should be noted that neither the Evening Standard nor the local police force for Preston the Lancashire Constabulary, mentioned any employment status for Jamal Khan which is unsurprising bearing in mind so many Muslim men in Britain don’t work or refuse to work and instead suckle off of the welfare system with 41% of the Muslim population as a whole and 65% of Muslim women considered by the Women and Equalities Committee of the House of Commons, to be ‘economically inactive’. In the absence of this snippet of information from the press, it is to be reasonably assumed that it was us the taxpayer either completely or in part, that was funding the life of this murdering savage.

Jamal Khan is another murdering Muslim man who has brought nothing but grief and loss to Humera Khan, her children and wider family. He killed because he came from a religion and a culture where women are a sort of species of ‘untermenschen’ or sub humans.

It’s right and proper that Jamal Khan has been gaoled for life with a minimum term of 16 years, it has at least been acknowledged by the Justice system that this was a heinous crime and one where the offender required punishment and from whom the public deserves protection. However, it may have been better for our society and less burdensome to the rest of us, had the foul ideology that more than likely played a part in driving this man to murder his wife, had been stopped from its destructive and cancerous growth in the United Kingdom.