Another London terror attack. Have the words ‘Allah hu akbar’ been reported yet?

The remains of the explosive device that detonated on a District Line tube train this morning


There’s been another terror attack on London, you know the sort of terrorism that London’s Mayor Sadiq ‘Saracen’ Khan said are just ‘part and parcel of living in a big city’, yes those sort of terror attacks. According to press reports, at approximately 8:15AM BST there was an explosion in a tube train carriage at Parsons Green station in Fulham, that has left many people, including a number of children, with injuries. Witnesses described a ‘wall of flame’ leaping up and ‘rippling’ through the tube carriage.

Pictures on social media show a bucket in a Lidl bag that was apparently the seat of the explosion which the Metropolitan Police are treating as a terror incident. It is not known at this stage whether the words ‘allah hu akbar’ were uttered by anyone connected to this incident and police are currently searching for the bomber.

The reports that I’m seeing at the time of writing are stating that nobody has been killed but that St Mary’s Hospital Paddington has been put into emergency mode in order to deal with any potential casualties. A BBC Five Live report that I heard earlier stated that several people were injured in the stampede to get away from the seat of the explosion which was described as ‘a bucket with some wires in it’.

The Daily Telegraph is speculating that this explosive device may not have properly exploded which is why there have been no deaths so far and the number of injuries is small and their nature is not said to be life threatening.

The Telegraph said:

Scotland Yard said “a number of people” had been injured, adding that it was “too early” to confirm the cause of the blast during the Friday morning rush-hour. No arrests have so far been made and a major manhunt is under way.

Witnesses reported seeing around 20 people hurt and “covered in blood” after a “flash and a bang” from the device that is not believed to have fully detonated, but sent a “fireball” through the packed District Line Tube in west London.

The police later confirmed that the explosion was the result of an improvised explosive device. It may well be that this device has not only exploded incompletely but may also have exploded prematurely. If this is the case then this device may have been capable of causing absolute devastation had it gone off completely and in somewhere like Earls Court station, which is a busy station at the best of times but is even busier during the rush hour.

I cannot see at this point in time any confirmation of denial by the authorities that this is an Islamic terror attack and as far as I can make out there has been no claim of responsibility by any Islamic terror group. This attack could of course be ‘nothing to do with Islam’ and could be the work of some deranged nutcase, but there is a strong likelihood that it could be Islam related as so many other attacks are ‘everything to do with Islam’. The police are certainly keeping tight lipped at the moment about motive for the attack and according to @shorty who is a user of the social media platform Gabai, the police have ‘no info on the attacker’.

At present we do not know who put this bomb on the District Line tube train but it would be unwise to discount Islamic terrorists. If this is another Islamic attack then it is a bit of a departure for them in their modus operandi. This doesn’t look like a suicide attack more like a device placed on the train by the attacker who leaves the bomb on the train to go off later.

There will be a more detailed post on this story later on

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