Claim: ‘Refugees welcome’ do-gooders might have harboured alleged Parsons Green bomber

Anti terror police search Sunbury house allegedly owned by foster parents who specialised in 'refugee children'


Since yesterday, there’s been some very interesting turns in the hunt for those behind the Parsons Green tube train bombing that occurred on Friday morning. Firstly police have arrested an 18 year old at the ferry departure port in Dover in connection to the bombing, and secondly police have raided the home of a couple well known for fostering ‘refugee’ children, who have allegedly agitated for more help to be given to these ‘refugees’.

According to press reports, some witnesses to the police raid on the home of Ronald and Penelope Jones in Cavendish Road in Sunbury-on-Thames said that officers were searching for explosives. The house that has been raided is said to be owned by Mr and Mrs Jones, who were awarded MBE’s by HM the Queen in 2009 for their services to child refugees. This couple have a long record in fostering children, but all their latest foster charges have been alleged ‘child refugees’. One of their ‘refugee’ charges was arrested last week near Parsons Green station but returned by police to his foster carers. Mr and Mrs Jones have also been known for helping Surrey County Council with a scheme to relocate Syrian nationals.

It must be said at this point that there is no indication that Mr and Mrs Jones were involved in or had knowledge of the Parsons Green attack or any other terrorist activity. It’s likely that if their foster ‘child’ is a terrorist, the Jones’ knew nothing about such terrorism. But, it must also be said that their pro-refugee do-goodery, something they seem to have become known for locally, may well have inadvertently given a safe hiding place for a murderous terrorist and that their stupidity and naivety needs to be condemned.

If what the press is saying is true, then what we have here is an example of what many of us who are opposed to the entry of these fake ‘child refugees’ warned about. We warned that many of these ‘children’ were not children and that many of them come from cultures that are incompatible with our own. We also warned that allowing in these ‘refugee children’ opened us up to yet more Islamic terrorism.

Those of us who warned about the actions of pro-migrant and ‘pro-refugee’ groups like Citizens UK and Safe Passage UK, when they put out loud and overtly emotional appeals for the entry of these ‘vulnerable children’, may have also been proven to be correct. If the Parsons Green bomber is indeed one of the ‘child refugees’ that the UK was pressed to bring in by dangerous Left groups like Citizens UK and others, then we can see clearly how such groups have indeed endangered the security of all of us.

In their desire to virtue signal and suck up to the Muslim groups that have a significant influence in and upon Citizens UK, the Leftists and naïve do-gooders of Citizens UK may have brought in the sort of Islamic scumbag who sets off bombs on Tube trains. If there is a link between Citizens UK and the Parsons Green bomber in so far as the bomber was one of Citizens UK’s ‘clients’, then this group needs to account for its actions to the public. After all it was this group that made the most political noise about ‘vulnerable child refugees’ and fought hard to get the Dubs Amendment through Parliament, in order facilitate entry for the ‘Calais refugee children’. We should remember that it was Citizens UK who grossly misused the story and memory of the Jewish Kindertransport children, in order to persuade Britons to let in those who were not ‘children’ but who appeared to be military age Muslim men. Citizens UK spat on the memory of the hundreds of children who came to Britain from Nazi Germany, by equating them with the sort of adult scroates that Citizens UK and other similar groups have assisted in bringing to the UK. The Kindertransport children came here to survive the Nazism that would surely have murdered them. The vast majority of the Kindertransport children have gone on to be great assets, both to the UK and elsewhere in the world. They did not, like our current crop of ‘refugees’, come here to bomb tube trains or engage in other acts of terror, nor did they take part in the sort of sex crimes that have become a hallmark of these ‘refugees’.

I’m not suggesting that Mr and Mrs Jones were directly linked to Citizens UK or the more dodgy actions of this group, but since Citizens UK had been active in working with local churches in Surrey to provide ‘refugee welcome training’; it does make one wonder if the alleged Parsons Green bomber was someone who passed through the hands of Citizens UK, or one of its front groups, on his way to his alleged foster placement? We should also wonder just how much Citizens UK muscle is behind the ‘refugees welcome’ groups in the area and whether these groups are really backed by the ordinary people or whether they are mere front groups, made up of ideologically driven churchmen, left-wingers and naïve do gooders?

You can see from the flyer put out by Citizens UK last year and reproduced below, that this group was cultivating local churches in order to push their ‘refugees welcome’ stuff and also to convince councils by bullying and lobbying them, that it was a good idea to welcome these ‘refugees’.

Flyer put out late 2016 for ‘refugees welcome training’ for local churches and with Citizens UK involvement

This is an ongoing investigation and more information will come out about this in due course but at this point the juxtaposition of an arrest for the Parsons Green bombing with the intense search of a house known as a foster home for Islamic ‘child migrants’ is pretty striking. If it does turn out to be the case that the detained Parsons Green bomber, or someone associated with him, is or was a foster ‘child’ of Mr and Mrs Jones, then we should start to worry. It may be the case that there are hundreds of Islamic ‘child migrants’ who may become involved in some way in Islamic extremism or Islamic terror, who are now residents in our nation’s foster homes and children’s homes. It would be especially galling if it was revealed that not only was this the case, but also that these junior jihadis have been brought in by pro-migrant groups and housed at vast expense to taxpayers among our families. The Citizens UK front group Safe Passage UK for example, is boasting that they’ve managed to get legal entry for 1,150 ‘unaccompanied refugee children’ since they started their work in September 2015. I wonder how many of these ‘unaccompanied refugee children’ are in reality murderous thugs, who are just biding their time before they strike at public transport, a church, a synagogue, a pop concert or just ordinary Britons on a night out? Sadly, I think we may be finding out soon. If 10% or even 5% of this 1,150 have ill intent towards us, then it represents an awful lot of potential killers to wreak havoc.

What gets me is that these expensive foster places, and they are indeed expensive for taxpayers, seem to have been used to harbour those who want me and my family and people like us dead. This is unacceptable. These scarce foster places should have been used for our own vulnerable or at risk children. They should not have been used to house those who have no right to be here because they lied about their age and family situation, those who espouse views that are violently at odds with our society and in particular those who may well be inclined to commit terrorist acts. We need an urgent review of the policy and of the people who have come into Britain as a result. In addition we should be reviewing the actions of groups like Citizens UK in the ‘refugees welcome’ scam. We need this review now, before there are any more Islamic atrocities committed by these ‘refugees’ on our shores.


Sky news report on arrest and raid following Parsons Green bomb attack

Breitbart report on same

Citizens UK working for everyone apart from the British common good

The Citizens UK website. It’s noteworthy that they have recently removed the entirety of their ‘refugees welcome’ campaigns from the front page of their website. Their refugees welcome guff is now tucked away and listed under Safe Passage UK on their site menu. Safe Passage UK is now the Citizens UK front group that deals with importing the unwanted ‘refugees’. I wonder why they moved this very high profile cause from their main page? Could it be that the ‘refugees welcome’ brand has now become toxic as more people start to realise just what sort of ‘refugees’ we have been getting?

Citizens UK organising ‘refugees welcome training’ in the Cranleigh, Surrey area

Foster parents in Surrey are getting £400 per week from the local authority for looking after children including these ‘refugee’ children. Of that amount one fostering agency says that only £100 has to be spent directly on the child and the other £300 can be taken as a ‘wage’ for the foster carer. I can well see how looking after these ‘refugee’ children can become a nice little earner for some.


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  1. Philip Copson | September 17, 2017 at 11:07 am |

    I hope that I’m wrong, but frankly, the amateurishness of the Parson’s Green and Salford bombs immediately made me wonder whether they were the work of “let’s-smash-everything-now” Leftists jumping onto the jihadi bandwagon to lend them a hand, rather than jihadists.

    Doubtless, any moment now, May, Rudd, or Rowley will claim them to be the work of white supremacists – just as she attempted to “out-Corbyn” Corbyn in her praise for the Antifa thugs in Charlottesville, and her attacks on President Trump. If ever there was a woman who didn’t know which side her bread is buttered….

    Joke for you: “So – there’s a liar – a coward – a fool – and a traitor, all go into a bar for a drink; and the barman says: “Drinking on your own, Mrs May ?”

    • Fahrenheit211 | September 17, 2017 at 11:16 am |

      Yes I was a little cagey about this casein the beginning because of the amateur nature of the terrorist’s MO. I did wonder if it was the work of the ‘smash everything now’ but it started to seem more and more Islam related. The Met police have already been up and about warning people about how severe ‘hate crimes’ will be dealt with and by doing have shown that their priorities are not protecting us but instead protecting the ‘communities’ that are producing terrorists like no other community does.

      As regards May. Yes I agree with you she should not attack President Trump. A decent trade deal and continued military and intelligence cooperation is worth much more than a bit of virtue signalling from Theresa May.

      I do like that joke.

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