Are you angry? Because I bloody well am – The Copts

Their daughters are kidnapped and raped
Their homes and churches are burned and bulldozed
Their priests are killed
They are treated as non citizens
They are threatened by mobs
but still they peacefully cry out to their god

They are Egypts Coptic Christians, a Christian minority in an Islamic country. They are being persecuted into dispersal and extinction. When the Islamic world talks of peace and justice, maybe we should listen not to the seductive words of peace but instead look at the actions of Islamic nations and consider the Copts.

Yes consider the Copts. The Copts an ancient form of Christianity and members of the indigenous population of Egypt who were conquered and outnumbered by the armies of Islam and are now treated very much as second class citizens.

Their plight is appalling. Truly appalling, and a laser-like indictment of how Islam, when in governance, truly treats religious minorities. Ignore the ‘tolerance’ guff from the Islamic apologists etc, what is happening to the Copts is what really happens to minorities in the Islamic world..

67 years ago with the end of World War II the world saw how bestial ideologies could be and said ‘Never Again’. Maddeningly, we are now seeing that a new ideology is trying to do similar and this time the victims are not Jews but Copts. There are I will grant you no death camps as yet in Egypt but the Copts are being pressured to extremes into either giving up their religion and converting to Islam or leaving or staying and having more and more ill treatment given to them. Don’t forget the Copts were originally the indigenous people of Egypt who were usurped by the Arab Muslim invaders. The Copts live in a state of permanent terror many of us would struggle to imagine.

I look at the plight of the Copts and the only word that enters my head is pogrom and that is what is happening to the Copts under Islamic rule. Random attacks, kidnap, rape, extra judicial killings all done under the noses and in many cases the connivance of the security forces, it’s all sadly there.

This site (which covers Christian persecution)  has some good background on the Copts, their history and there plight.

Here’s a film showing something of the plight of the Copts

The short film The Passion of The Copts

Oh and if you can take in a Coptic Christian refugee or support a Coptic refugee project, or contribute to a Coptic cause then do so, they really need and deserve all the help they can get. The world must not again turn a blind eye.

I don’t care if you are a Christian and you have a doctrinal difference with Coptic Christianity, they would still deserve respect and support on the grounds of being human and being oppressed for virtually no reason whatsoever.