So who do you reckon it is? Or do you not care?

The sort-of revelation made by the Mail on Sunday that there is a sex scandal that could do great damage to David Cameron has caused an avalanche of speculation, much of it plain weird. This has gone from ‘Anne Widdecombe and Angela Eagle’ for example, right through to allusions about Eric Pickles and his local branch of Greggs.

The Mail is talking this up to be the equal to the long hidden John Major and Edwina Currie affair, so it would have to be a biggie to beat that one.  The story has many interesting, but for legal reasons vague, aspects and it is this vagueness that is increasing the speculation.  It is a case of asking ‘Why are all these different politicians and their spouses and lovers and past shags trending? 😉 Can’t-be-arsed Face.

I have no idea who is it is, and releasing the proper names is restricted by a court order, but the teasing story that the Mail has given is encouraging people to dig around for names.  If you know the name, please don’t announce it on here, I bloody hate lawyers slightly more than I hate malarial mosquitos in my living room.  You could however, engage in comical speculative pairings that could not possibly be considered as realistic or actionable.  The more laughably untrue the better.

So is it BC, EM, AE, DC, BJ, AC, PM, MC, GO, EP, SC or none of them? The choice is yours, if you can be bothered.

Personally, my money is on Eric Pickles and the contents of the hot food cabinet of his local Greggs, David Icke, on the other hand, will probably put his on ‘a conspiracy of Lizards’.

I dare say that this story, like other similar legally suppressed ‘shagging politician’ stories will break one day.  Shagging around and cheating on partners is not something that is confined to one party, as senior Labour grandees will well know.

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Original Daily Mail story

Loads of speculation on Guido about potential couplings some of it very funny.  Personally I don’t think that it is anyone buggering the Downing Street cat because the Lib Dems have denied involvement in this particular scandal, which makes a change.  Normally Lib Dem sex scandals are like buses, there’ll be another one along in a minute.

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