From elsewhere: The Muslim Brotherhood, the ‘Russian Doll of extremism’. First class research into a worrying group.

The Muslim Brotherood – A Russian Doll of terror and Jihad

This months Standpoint magazine is carrying the story of some magnificent research carried out into the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood and their various front groups.

A former financial trader called Steven Merley has dedicated himself to studying the Muslim Brotherhood group and their various front organisations. It makes for very worrying reading and the article quite accurately describes the different Muslim Brotherhood aligned groups as ‘a Russian Doll of extremism’.

There are probably many naïve liberals both secular and religious who are not aware that they may be working with groups that if they had power, would be quite happy to see such liberals executed.

It is completely impossible for anyone who calls themselves a liberal or who believes in such things as equality of gender, to support, or work with those who, like the Muslim Brotherhood say ‘the Koran is our constitution’. Those who say such things are dangerous, very dangerous and should be excluded from discourse by all those who believe in a free society.

It is the Muslim Brotherhood and their sockpuppets who are campaigning against women’s rights at the United Nations, treating the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as if they were fact, backing the granting of aid to the jihadists of Syria and who are worming their ways into various government and non-Government organisations in the democratic world.

The Muslim Brotherhood are jihadists and even when they implore us to believe that they are peaceful, they are speaking with forked tongues.



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