You’re having a laugh, aren’t you? Tales from the search engine.

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One thing I find intriguing about running this blog is looking at what people search for, in order to find this place.

People’s concerns about Islamic Grooming, terrorism and much more show up in the search terms. There are also really odd search terms which make me think that I’d rather not meet the sort of person who finds F211 by entering in the term ‘Muslim piss sex, teen’ – yuck!

Today this blog has received a search term from someone who presumably believes that there is no such thing as Islamic terror or mass rapes or whatever, and that all terror atributed to Islam is a plot, probably in his deranged mind, a Zionist one.

This search term is ‘fake muslim to make muslim look terrorists’.

Presumably, this person believes that there are gangs of people pretending to be Muslim going round killing people. This idea is preposterous and a conspiracy theory that goes way beyond those promulgated by the ‘new world order’ lunatics. It would be absolutely impossible for so many people to pretend to be Muslim, carry out all these attacks and then melt away afterwards.

It cannot be refuted, that although not all Muslims are terrorists, the majority of terrorists are Muslim. This search term is an example of deranged wishful thinking.

Although this is a lot to extrapolate from one search term, the attitude is that every problem is someone else’s fault, or a Western or Zionist conspiracy, is one that is too common in Islam. It is indicative of a particular problem that the Islamic world has, and that is a tendency to believe outlandish conspiracy theories to explain why the Islamic world is a basket case.


Here, from Pakistan, the ‘blocked toilet that never flushes’ is an article by a freelance writer who describes how Islamic Pakistan is infested by a widespread acceptance of conspiracy theories which people use to explain why Pakistan is such a shithole. The real reason why Pakistan is a shithole is because of Islam.