“It’s time to put on uniforms It’s time to light the blue light It’s time to get things started on the Muppet show tonight”

police idiot inside

Because we in Britain are cursed to live in ‘interesting times’ it has never been more important for the average citizen, especially the average citizen who dislikes the imported ‘Cult of Death’, to be intellectually ‘tooled up’ when it comes to the police.

One way that we can be ‘tooled up’ in this way would be to make sure that we all know what the police can, and more importantly, cannot do and what their powers are and what they are not.

To this end I’m pleased to be able to give publicity to a fabulous website called CrimeBodge

( http://crimebodge.com/ )

This site, which was started by a person who although on the right side of the law and a victim of a crime, was treated extremely shabbily by the sort of brain-dead drek who represented Derbyshire Police. The CrimeBodge author has done a sterling job of documenting police idiocy, extreme political correctness and misuse of powers, as well as providing practical information on how to deal with the police.

Because of my work in various fields, I’ve had long experience with dealing with the blue-uniformed, hi-viz jacketed mouth-breathers which sadly too often make up our police forces, but this site really filled in gaps in my own knowledge where I didn’t even know there were gaps.

Especially useful is information on how to say bugger all to the police, whether in the street, on the doorstep or at the police station, without an adverse inference being drawn by a court due to your silence. It even tells you how to get hold of digital recordings of police radio traffic where you may be mentioned, and what to do if the police try to stonewall on what is a perfectly legal request.

I would strongly recommend studying CrimeBodge so that if you come across idiot police officers like this one, you are armed with the sort of knowledge that could keep you out of gaol and as a bonus cause the police officers concerned to scurry off to study their ‘Janet and John Guide to the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (Easy Reading Edition)’, only to find that you were right all along.

I am convinced that this site is a major contribution to citizen safety. Read it, study it, memorise it and use it.

Don’t forget the site address and don’t forget to say nothing whatsoever to the police ever. They are not your friends, they have become part of the problem we all face. A civilised society needs a police force, but far too often in Britain we have uniformed Muppets who care more the ticking the right ‘diversity’ box than defending this country and its citizens.




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