From Elsewhere: The time soon might be right for re-introduction of Grammar Schools

A return to the Tripartite system of Grammar, Technical and Secondary schools could be just what this country needs to re build our academic, technical and general educational base. Britain is slipping down the international league tables of education it might be that this could stop the slide.

Here’s an excellent article by Jago Pearson on the subject, as published by Media Intelligence Partners

“Peter Hitchens, appearing on Question Time this week, described Michael Gove’s free schools policy as a “stunt and a gimmick”. On this, the Mail on Sunday columnist is wrong.

Our current Education Secretary is the best we’ve had in a generation, but unfortunately his hands are tied.

The free schools policy is the most radical shake up Gove can deliver to our turgid and underperforming state education sector in the current political climate.

He is genuinely changing our schools for the better. Don’t listen to the Unions, don’t listen to the Coalition’s u-turning Deputy Prime Minister, and definitely do not listen to elements of the teaching community who will resist change at all costs.

Michael Gove is right to introduce greater freedoms while enforcing genuine rigour. It’s just a shame he can’t go further.

It’s a shame that he can’t make the reform that would truly transform our drastically under-performing state schools.

It’s a shame he can’t roll grammar schools out across the country.”

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